Earned Impact Persona Attribution Chart Overview

Persona Attribution Chart Overview

Once you have created Personas, you can see how each Persona is interacting with your coverage. 

Earned Impact Personas enable you to understand which audiences your earned media coverage is resonating with. From the analytics provided for personas, you can discover new audiences, benchmark message resonance, segment earned audiences by dozens of demographic and firmographic traits, and personalize content for target audience personas! If you have web conversions as part of your subscription and they are enabled, you will also be able to see how many conversions can be attributed to each persona and the total audience.

After you have created Earned Impact Personas, you are able to view Attribution data in the Interactive Attribution Chart.

Accessing Your Personas and Viewing their Related Data:

  1. Click the Analytics tab.
  2. Select the Impact for Earned Media option.
  3. Click the arrow on the Earned Media search for which you want to see Persona Attribution.

Locating and Reviewing the Attribution Chart:

When the Earned Impact charts appear,  scroll all the way to the bottom and locate the Attribution chart. Within this chart, you can view information for the entire audience or for a specific Persona.

  1. It is important to note that Earned Impact charts will show data for the last 7 days by default. If you want to see data from further back or you see no data, go to the upper-right hand corner of the entire page to change the date range (You may select up to the last 90 days).
  2. Within the left hand panel of the Attribution Widget, click on the Entire Audience or specific Persona for which you want to see information.
  3. Once you have selected a Persona, the upper right hand corner of the Attribution Widget will show the Total Views and Daily Unique Viewers generated by the selected Persona. 
    • The chart will show Total Views and Daily Unique Viewers generated by the selected Persona for each day, enabling you to see the peak and overall trend of the news consumption.
  4.  If you have Impact Conversions set up for your Earned Impact Searches, you will be able to see the number of conversions the Persona has contributed. Examples of types of conversions could include the Persona visiting your website, registering for an event, downloading a PDF, and/or requesting more information via a link in the earned coverage.
  5. Click the Manage Persona button to change existing Personas or add new ones.
  6. Click on the Arrow to access the Attribution Widget Drill-down function to see the Articles, Widget and Performance Metrics associated with each Persona for the time period selected.

Attribution Chart

Interacting with the Attribution Widget Drill-down Function:

  1. Select whether you want Total Views and/or Daily Unique Views included in your chart.
  2. Select the timeframe for which you would like data and clips displayed.
  3. Review the Total Views and Daily Unique Viewers for the Audience Segment selected during the timeframe you set.
  4. Hover over any data point in the chart to see Total Views and Daily Unique Viewers for that date.
  5. Click on any data point in the chart to see the Articles associated with that time frame for the Audience Segment selected.
  6. Click the snippet of text, outlet name or author to see metrics related only to that article , including the Performance Snapshot and Attribution data for that article.
  7. Click on the Headline to be taken to the full article.

Attribution Chart Drill Down Details