Viewing Email History

Viewing Email History

To View all of your Email Announcements and Personalized Pitches:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.
  2. Select Message Center.  

When in the Message Center:

On the left-hand side, you can filter by:

  1. Shared Inbox: Based on all integrated email accounts for your organization in the platform
  2. My Inbox: Includes just the emails from your integrated account
  3. Unread: Emails that have not been opened
  4. Draft Emails: Emails that have been created, but not scheduled or sent
  5. Scheduled Emails: Emails that are scheduled to send at a later date

  • Use the Search bar to find a specific emails. Search by: Email Type, Recipient Name, Subject Line, or the From: Address.
  • To Select Additional Filters, click on the Filters Dropdown in the Message Center.
  • Select the specific filter you would like to apply, then click on Apply Filter. You will see the filter has been applied to the Message Center.
  • Note that the Email Type is listed to the left of the Subject line for each email.

Message Center Filters Available:

  • Email Status: Filters for any Unread Emails
  • Email Accounts: Filters based on the different integrated email accounts for your organization.
  • NOTE: You will only see this filter option if you are looking at the Shared Inbox.
  • Email Type: Filter for Email Announcements or Personalized Pitches
  • To deselect any filter(s), click on the green X next to the filter highlighted in a green pill.

To View Email Communications with a Specific Journalist:

  • To see email communications with a specific journalist, Search Within the Results, click on a specific email or email thread in the Message Center or  you can navigate to the journalist's profile from the Contacts tab, then select the Emails tab.
  • If you were the Sender of the emails displayed here or in the Message Center, there will be an option to Reply to the email or email thread.