Viewing an Email Announcement Report

Email Announcement Performance Snapshot Reports give valuable insight into who is engaging with your outreach efforts. The platform will automatically track delivery rates, open rates, link clicks and unsubscribes!

To view Email Announcement Reports: 

  • Start by navigating to the Contacts tab and select Message Center
  • Click on any Email Announcement in the list to see the report.  You will see 2 tabs.  
    • Email Preview will give you just that: a preview of the email that was sent.  
    • Performance Snapshot provides valuable insights of media interaction for the Email Announcement that was sent. This is discussed in detail below.

Email Announcement Reports

Performance Snapshot Overview:

The Performance Snapshot shows the following information:
1. Delivery Rate - Percentage of recipients who successfully received the email.
2. Open Rate - Percentage of recipients who opened the email.
3. Click Rate - Percentage of recipients who clicked on links embedded in the email. Learn how to check which links recipients have clicked on here!
4. Bounce Rate - Percentage of recipients who did not receive the email after bouncing for 72 hours straight.
5. Unsubscribe Rate - Percentage of recipients who received the email, but unsubscribed from receiving future emails

Delivery Status:

6. Delivery Status - This column tracks the delivery status of each recipient on the email list using the following:

  • Sending – The email has been sent and has not been delivered or denied from being delivered yet. We consider an email that has soft bounced one or more times in less than 72 hours to still be in a “sending” state. We will attempt to resend soft bounced emails an unspecified number of times for up to 72 hours after the initial send event.
  • Delivered – The email has been sent and has been delivered to the recipient’s email server.
  • Bounced – The email was not delivered to the recipient because it hard bounced or soft bounced for 72 hours straight. 
  • Not Sent - The email was not sent from the system because the recipient previously unsubscribed from emails from the account in question or the recipient previously unsubscribed from all emails from Cision. 

7. We will record if a recipient previously unsubscribed from emails, which can be checked by hovering over the black circular information bubble next to the delivery status of Not Sent:

  • "Recipient has unsubscribed from email contact" 
  • "Not contactable via Cision due to data privacy request"

Email Interaction Statuses:

8. Opened: This column denotes whether or not a recipient opened the Email Announcement.

9. Clicked: This column denotes whether or not a recipient clicked on at least one link in the Email Announcement

10. Unsubscribed: This column denotes whether or not a recipient has unsubscribed from the Email Announcement via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the sent email.

Exporting Contacts and Adding Them to Lists:

11. Select specific Contacts and click on the Add to List button to add selected contacts to a new or another existing list.

12. Select Contacts and click on the Download button to export the Performance Snapshot for the selected contacts in an Excel CSV file.

13. Click on the Export CSV icon to download the report for the entire Performance Snapshot into an Excel CSV file, regardless of selected contacts.

14. Click on the Copy Email button to replicate the original email to send to a new list of recipients.