Using Smart Operators

When building a search, Smart Operators can be used to improve your results. The operators are located within each section of the Must/Might/Not Builder and can be accessed by clicking on the Smart Operators icon (looks like a lightning bolt). 

Selecting the Smart Operators icon will reveal a list of available operators to use in conjunction with your key words or phrases. Hovering over each Smart Operator will provide a description of its functionality.

Select a Smart Operator and you will see it appear in the Builder box/section. 

Next, the term/phrase that you want used in the operator can be typed in. Hitting Enter on the keyboard will turn the Smart Operator & the term/phrase it is being applied to into an Inclusive pill or Exclusive pill. Click on the Preview Results button to see the articles your search will return.

Inclusive pills will be green (terms included in the search) & Exclusive pills will be red (terms will not be included in the search):