Using Newsletters Overview

Cision’s Newsletter option offers a simple and elegant solution to sending curated coverage to internal or external stakeholders. All Newsletters will live in the Alerts tab within your Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud platform, and are easily customizable to reflect your brand logo, font color and background color. 

Content that gets showcased in a Newsletter is entirely self-curated by Tagging articles within the drill down(article list view) accessible from any widget series. Each tag that goes into the Newsletter will be automatically added to the Table of Contents section at the top of the Newsletter. 

The entire newsletter feature is a simple drag and drop system, allowing you to place text, images, articles, and analyses within the body of the Newsletter. 

Once completed and saved, Newsletters arrive to a recipient’s email inbox in a beautifully packaged template, allowing all recipients to stay engaged with the most impactful news. Each article showcased in a Newsletter contains metrics such as social amplification, readership, website sessions, while also including hyperlinks to the web version of the article, offering its full text when available.

NOTE:  Many users choose to send out a newsletter daily to keep stakeholders up-to-date on important news, while others opt to highlight high-impact coverage on a weekly or monthly basis. 

  • For US Clients: There is no limit to the number of email recipients or the number of newsletters you can send. 
  • For Canadian Clients: If your newsletter contains Canadian Print or Canadian Broadcast content, the number of recipients for that Newsletter is limited to the number of Readers Licenses you have added to your Subscription. This total number of recipients based on these Readers licenses will also apply to the number of people your newsletter recipients forward the newsletter to after receipt. 
    • NOTE: This limitation of recipients does not apply to newsletters with only online content.
    • Please reach out to your Account Manager or to learn how many Readers licenses have been purchased for your subscription.