Using Filters in Searches

When building your search, Filters can be used to include or exclude certain types of content from the results. 

Filter Types and Filter Choices

Filter Types
Filter Choices
Media Type
  • Select All 
  • Online News 
  • Broadcast 
  • Blog 
  • Print 
  • Radio 
  • TV 
Content Type
  • Select All 
  • Press Releases 
  • Earnings & Stock News 
  • Job Postings 
  • Market Research Reports  
  • Sports News 
  • Select All 
  • Africa 
  • AMEA 
  • APAC 
  • EMEA 
  • Europe 
  • European Union 
  • LATAM 
  • Middle East 
  • Nordics 
  • North America 
  • SEA 
  • South America
  • Select all 
  • Over 200 individual countries available
  • Select all
  • Over 80 individual languages available

Active Filters

When filters are turned on they become a part of the inclusive search. The filter bar will show your Active Filters in a green pill.

In our example below, our results will include the Media Type and Location filters. We only selected three Media Types and one Location. 

If you select more than 50% of a given filter's options, the unselected options will turn into a red NOT pill within the filter bar. 

Going back to our example, we are now going to choose six out of seven Media Types. Since we selected more than 50% of the available Media Types, our results will show all filters with the exception of "Podcast". 

Quality Filters

Selecting the Quality Filter button can help target and remove coverage from your search. The filter will attempt to remove the following: 

  • job postings
  • market research reports
  • real estate listings
  • coupons
  • threads/forums
  • commercials or ads that may air during popular, nationally broadcast television shows
  • obituaries

Using Quality Filters is not a fully exhaustive method for filtering out those mentions - your search may need additional adjustments to remove any unwanted coverage.