Unsubscribing from Newsletters

Unsubscription from a Newsletter

Recipients of a Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud Newsletter are able to request and unsubscribe directly with the sender of the newsletter. All newsletters sent from the platform will include the unsubscribe message and link at the bottom of the newsletter, as shown below. To comply with global anti-spam laws, the unsubscribe message cannot be removed.

How a Recipient Unsubscribes from a Newsletter:

The recipient who no longer wants to receive a newsletter can scroll to the footer of the newsletter.

If the recipient clicks on the Unsubscribe from our Newsletters link, they will be directed to a landing page to enter their email address.

After entering their email and clicking on the Unsubscribe button, the recipient will see the following message:

The sender of the newsletter will receive an email that someone has unsubscribed and the recipient's email is added to a block list to prevent any additional newsletters from being sent to their email address.

In the Newsletter page, all users on your account may click on the View All Unsubscribed Recipients button to view a list of recipients who have unsubscribed from your newsletter(s).