Impact: Top Outlets and Top Contributing Articles Widget Overview

Dashboards: Top Outlets and Top Contributing Articles

Have you wondered: What are the top performing publications that are generating the most views and how are the views for those publications trending over time? Our Top Outlets widget provides you with how views for top performing publications trend over the time range you've selected and includes a list of articles that are garnering the most views for those top publications.

You can use the Top Outlets Widget drilldown feature to view each article and see individual article performance over time. You are also able to select a specific day in the date range to determine which articles received the most views from selected publications. With this tool, you are able to better understand which publications are generating the most engagement with your target audiences, along with details on what type of earned media content is driving engagement and how that engagement is trending over time!

Accessing the Top Outlets Widget:

  1. Click the Analytics tab.
  2. Select the Impact for Earned Media option.
  3. Click on a single search tile for which you want to see analytics and the Top Outlets widget will be at the top of the page.

  • It is important to note that Earned Impact charts will show data for the last 7 days by default. If you want to see data from further back or you see no data, go to the upper-right hand corner of the entire page to change the date range.

4. Click the See More button in the upper-right corner of the Top Outlets widget to use the drilldown functionality.

  1. The top 2 ranked outlets will be chosen by default (Green vertical bars to the left of the outlet name let you know which outlets are selected). NOTE: Only 2 outlets may be selected at one time.
  2. Deselect and Select outlets by clicking on the outlet name.
  3. The list of articles under the graph pertain to the selected outlets.
  4. The number of views over the time range selected will be plotted on the graph for each outlet.
  5. Hover over any specific data point on the graph to see a tool tip to indicate the number of total views for the selected outlets for that date, along with the number of articles contributing to those views for that day.
  6. Click on a specific data point for a specific day and the list of articles below the graph will be filtered to only show articles that received views on the selected day. To remove the filter, click on any blank space in the graph.
  7. Click on a single article in the table to review more performance data for that article.
  8. Click on the Export button for a .csv report of Outlet, Number of Views and Timeframe of the report.

NOTE: If you select 2 outlets, then change the date range, the ranking of the outlets will reorder to reflect the top outlets by views for the new chosen date range. Select your date range, then select the two outlets if you do not want to review the top two outlets for that day.