Sharing and Unsharing Newsletter Templates with Your Team

Imagine this: You send out a Newsletter every week to the Executives in your organization or one of your Clients.  These groups rely on Newsletters to keep up with your earned media.  Let's say, that you have a 2 week trip planned and will not be in the office, but you are the owner of the Newsletter. 

What do you do? The Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud includes the functionality to share the newsletter template with your teammate who can just copy and populate the new articles! This feature will help you to avoid sharing your login details and saves your colleague from having to create an entire newsletter template from scratch in your absence .

  1. Navigate to the Alerts tab.
  2. Select the Newsletters Option
  3. Click on the Sharing Icon.

NOTE: If you save your newsletter as a draft, you can share the newsletter with your team prior to sending it to recipients!

4. Select from two options to share your Newsletter:

  • Private: The Newsletter will only be available to the author of the Newsletter.
  • Public: The Newsletter will be available for all other users in the account to access and edit the Newsletter.

NOTE: This can be changed at any time for all newsletters you have created. 

To Unshare your Newsletter: Follow steps 1-4 and select the Private option.

To find Newsletters that have been shared with you, you can look in your My Newsletters list or to view only those Newsletters that have been shared with you, check out the Shared With Me folder.