Sharing Monitoring Searches

Sharing Monitoring Searches with Your Team

If you build a search that your colleagues could make use of, it is as easy as a single click to share it with all of the users in your  Cision account. When you initially share the search, you will be presented with two options: Full-Access and View-Only.

We recommend sharing with Full-Access so that any adjustments you or your team members make to the search will be reflected in each of your users and dashboards. You can easily switch this permission after you share your search by clicking “View Only” or “Full Access” on the search row. 

Note: You cannot un-share your search once you have shared it. Also note that if you delete a shared search, it will be deleted from all the users in your account.

Best Practice: After building a new search, share it with your team prior to sharing any dashboards using the search with your team, to avoid creating a duplicate search.

To Share a Monitoring Search:

  1. Select the Coverage tab.
  2. Select the Saved Searches option.
  3. If you have many Searches, you can quickly locate a specific Search typing in a term to locate it from the list.
  4. Click the Elipses button.
  5. Select Share Search.
  6. Choose how you want to Share the Search:
    • View Only: Your team will not have editing capabilities but will have the option to use the search to create analytics dashboards, charts, and alerts.
    • Full Access: Your team will have full access to edit the search and its terms. Any changes made by any team member will be reflected across all dashboards and alerts related to the search.
  7. Click the Share button.