Sharing and Analyzing Reports with New Dashboards

After creating your New Dashboards Report, you can view and share your report with others, even those who do not have access to the platform!

To View and Share Your New Dashboards Report:

  1. Switch the Offline toggle in the upper-left of the screen to Live.
  2. Copy and past the Report URL to share via email or click on the Report URL link to view the report.

To Export the Report to PDF:

  1. Click on the Ellipses button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Select Export to PDF from the drop-down.

Note: It may take a few minutes to create your PDF report after clicking on Export to PDF.

Using the Report Drilldown Feature to See a List of Articles:

1. Click on any data point on the widget to see articles for a specific date.


2. Click on the a Search name in the Legend to see all articles for the entire time period for that Search.

3. Click on the Ellipses button in the upper-right to Export a PDF while in this view.

  • If you are logged into the platform while viewing the report within the platform or from the Report URL,  you will have the same capabilities as the Drilldown feature for all New Dashboards.
  • If you or someone you shared the Report URL with are not logged into the platform while viewing the report from the Report URL, you are able to drilldown into the widget, Export a PDF (see #3 above) and see articles when clicking into the widget, but unable to edit the report.

When Using the Report Drilldown Feature (Not logged into the platform):

  1. Click on the Date Range button to adjust the date range for the widget.
  2. Scroll between listed article mentions for the date or Search you selected.
  3. Use the Magnifying Glass icon to search by keyword for specific article mentions.
  4. Use the Three Vertical Bars icon to select which columns you want included for the article mentions.
  5. Click on the Downward Arrow icon to export data into a CSV or SCSV file.
  6. When hovering over an article, click on the Square button to open a tab to see the article itself.
  7. When hovering over an article, click on the Trash Can icon to remove the article mention form the list. (This will not impact the report you created)
  8. Click on the Ellipses icon to share the article on Slack.