Step 1 - Setting up an Email Integration Blocklist

Cision’s Email Integration Blocklist allows you to stop emails to and from certain email addresses from showing in your Message Center. Email integration allows your team to work together seamlessly by seeing and responding to journalists’ inquiries from one place! But there’s probably emails that create noise and clutter if they’re pulled into the Message Center. The email integration blocklist reduces this clutter by not allowing emails to get into the Message Center in the first place.   

Here’s a couple quick tips to keep in mind as you set this up! 

 Do: Set up your block list before you set up your email integration.  

WhyThis feature isn’t retro-active (meaning we can’t automatically go back in time to remove emails pulled into the system before an email is added to the block list)  

Do: Add your team’s email addresses to the block list 

Why: This helps limit the emails between your team members only from getting into the system 

Do: Add people that you have confidential conversations with like your executive leadership team.  

Why: We’re only pulling emails that match contacts in our Connect database but if your leadership team is also an influencer, they may be in the database. Adding them is a best practice to reduce noise and ensure confidential conversations are kept between the correct internal people.  

Do: Contact or 1-855-204-3479 if you find emails that need to be removed or removed immediately! 

  Why: The Cision Support Team is always here to help!


Don’t: Panic if you can’t think of everyone! 

Why: You can always go back and edit this list or reach out to support to have an email removed. 


Don’t: Add your entire company’s email addresses in the block list! 

Why: To save you time! Only emails from contacts in our Connect database will appear in your message center, chances are your entire company will not be in our database! You can always add contacts to the block list to block future messages if you miss someone and they do appear in the message center! 

Important Clarifications

The blocklist only looks at addresses in the TO and FROM fields of emails. This means that we will not pull in messages that contain one or more block-listed addresses in their TO and/or FROM fields. The system does not look in the CC and BCC fields and will still pull emails in that contain block-listed addresses in CC and BCC fields (but not in TO or FROM). 

  • For example, let's say is part of an account’s blacklist. If the system sees an email from an integration attached to the account that contains in the TO field, the message will not be pulled in. 

  • If the system scans a different email containing in the CC field, the email will be pulled in. 

  • Lastly, if the system scans a message with in both the TO and CC fields the message will not be pulled in.

The blocklist will NOT filter out messages that are part of an email account that is integrated into the current Cision account even if the integrated address is on the email block list. This exception only occurs for integrated accounts that are also part of the email block list. 

  • For example, if integrates her email address, the system will continue to pull emails from her integration into the system even if her address is on the block list. 

  • One the other hand, any other integrated email accounts attached to the same Cision account will not have messages TO and/or FROM pulled into the system. 

The block list is account wide, so any user in an account can add to it, but users must specify complete email addresses (e.g.

Now that you have some helpful hints, here’s how to set the block list up!

Adding Emails to the Email Integration Block List:

Reminder: You should add email addresses to the Email integration Block List prior to integrating your email with the platform.

  1. Click on your name in the upper-right of the screen.
  2. Select Settings from the drop down.
  3. Click on the Email tab in the Settings menu.
  4. Navigate to the Email Integration Block List section.
  5. Click on the Add Email Address button.

6. Enter in the email address you would like blocked.

7. Click on the Add button. (Note: Follow steps 6-7 for all email addresses you would like to add to the email integration block list.)

8. Once all email addresses have been added, click on the Save Changes button.

9. Alternatively, click on the trash can icon to remove any email addresses from the email integration block list.

After email addresses have been added, you will see them listed in the Email Integration Block List section of the Email Settings.

To Delete Email Address(es) from the Email integration Block List:

  • You may remove email addresses in the Email Integration Block List section at any time, by simply clicking on the trash can icon.