Sending a Story Kit

If you have an email address integrated into Cision, you’ll be able to send Story Kits directly to a journalist from inside the app! 

  • To learn how to add email addresses to the integration block list, click here!
  • To learn how to integrate your email with the platform, click here. click here!

To Send Your Story Kit:

  1. Compose the base template email pitch for your Story Kit. 
  2. Click on the Next: Review and Personalize button

3. Customize your email pitches for each of the influencers you’re planning to reach out to.

4. Once you’re happy with your Story Kit pitches, take a deep breath and click the Send All Now button!


Best Practices

Story Kit enables pitching to the impactful journalists. For your pitch to be successful you need to do a few things:

  1. Sell the journalist on why they specifically should care about and write your story
  2. Entice the journalist to click the Story Kit link, what interesting and helpful assets will they discover on your Story Kit landing page
  3. Story Kit allows you to share a pre-publish link with your team, both Cision users and non-users, so that you can get feedback on your Story Kit before you publish it. This link is not tracked, so it does not affect the analytics of your Story Kit.