Searching for Media Outlets & Outlet Profiles with Connect Overview

Finding an Outlet by Name

  1. Type the name of the outlet into the Search Bar.
  2. See Outlets By Name to select the relevant outlet.

NOTE: There are 2 different ways to see more info: View the Mini Card or Full Profile (see descriptions below)

Outlet Profile Workflow

When hovering over an outlet, you have a few options to view outlet information or add them to a list:
-Click on the New Tab icon to open the outlet's full profile in a new tab.

-Click on the Eye icon to open the outlet's mini card.

-Click on the Plus Sign icon to add the outlet to a saved list.

Media Outlets - Mini Cards

  1. Basic info at the top (name, location, contact info, topics covered).
  2. View the outlet's Full Profile.
  3. View a selection of Recently Published articles & Tweets.
  4. View the outlet's Pitching Profile and Social Profiles.
  5. You can add Notes for you and your team.
  6. You can add to your existing lists or create a new list using the Add to List button.
  7. You can complete an in-app submission form to submit contact and outlet data update requests to our Media Research team.

Media Outlets - Full Profile

1. Basic info on the left hand side of screen (outlet name, location, contact info, topics covered, social profiles)

2. View the Performance Snapshot (see metrics below)
A.  Article Reach - The readership of the outlet.

B. Social Reach - The summation of the media outlet's subscribers on Twitter & Twitch.

C. Engagement Score - A 1-10 score reflecting the engagement (shares, likes, etc.) on the outlet's articles and social content.

D. Weekly Activity - The average number of articles and tweets the outlet publishes per week.

Engagement Score Calculation:
  • A 1-10 tier score is calculated for articles, based on the average # of shares that journalist or outlet gets on their articles and comparing that to all other journalists and outlets.
  •  A 1-10 score is also calculated for social, reflecting how often their Twitter content is engaged with, relative to the # of followers they have. 
  • The reported Engagement Score is the average of these two values, with 10 as the highest possible score. 

3. Recently Published Articles – You can expand this view by clicking on All Articles or going to Articles Section along the top. 

4. Cision Pitching Profile - Provides information about the outlet collected by Cision, including their media type, topics featured and affliated media.

5. Recent Social Activity (Twitter) - You can expand this view by clicking on All Social Activity or going to Social section along the top.

6. Recent Activity - Records recent email communications between influencers at the outlet and all users of your account.

7. At This Outlet - Lists journalists who write for the outlet (Contacts), child and parent outlets of the selected media outlet (Affiliated Outlets) and contact information for any desks of a publication (Desks).

8. Articles Section – List of recent articles, which allows you to filter by timeframe, media type, date,  impact score, readership, circulation, SEO impact, shares & keyword search within results.  Articles are clickable to view their Article Card.

9. Social Section – List of social profiles & recent Twitter activity.

10. Contacts – List of journalists at the outlet, ordered by their article reach, with the added ability to view their Mini Card and Add them to a List. 

NOTE: You may use the search bar to narrow down contacts at that outlet, by typing in a search term that will serve as a keyword and topic search!

11. Affiliated Media – Child and parent outlets of the selected media outlet.

12. Desks – Contact info for any available desks at an outlet.

13. Emails Tab - You can connect your email account to Cision and send custom emails directly from the platform.  The system will automatically pull in any emails you previously sent to journalists from your inbox into the system so you can view your history of emails with the media.

14. Notes - Ability to create notes, pin notes to the top of the list and sort through the list by modification/creation/My Notes/All Notes.

15. Activity (interactions with the media) - Keep track of your interactions with this outlet by logging various activities.
The following 5 Activities are automatically tracked by Cision:  

The following 5 Activities are automatically tracked by Cision:  
  • Email Announcement Sends - User sent an email announcement to a given influencer. 

  • Email Announcement Opens - A given influencer opened an email announcement sent by a user. 

  • Email Announcement Link Clicks - A given influencer clicked on a link in an email announcement sent by a user.

  • Email Announcement Unsubscribes - A given influencer has unsubscribed from email communications via an email announcement sent by a user. 

  • Email Pitch Sends - User sent an email pitch to a given influencer. 

16. Add to List button(s) - Add this influencer to an existing list or create a new media list.

17. Delete Contact from Lists button(s): You may easily remove the contact from multiple lists in the Contact Information box on the left-hand side of the screen

18. Have an update? button: You may complete an in-app submission form to submit contact and outlet data update requests to our Media Research team.

19. Run a New Keyword Search button: You can run a new search by Keyword in the persistent search bar at the top of the page. NOTE: This will replace your current search results with new results based upon the new keyword search.