Searching & Filtering with Connect

Searching and Filtering for Contacts and Outlets with Connect

When searching for Contacts and Outlets using Cision Connect, the  Search Bar can be used to search for a Topic, Keyword, Talking About, Location, Person, or Outlet

Using the Connect Search:

1. Click on the Contacts tab and select Search.

2. Type into the Search Bar relevant word(s) and/or phrase(s) for your search criteria.

NOTE: When you click into the search bar, it will provide you with a dropdown list of your 5 most recent searches, which you can select. 

When you begin typing a keyword, the search bar will show related recent search terms you have previously used.

Adjusting Search Bar Results:

A. To remove the recent search terms and see the Keyword, Topic and Talking About suggestions on this page, click on the "X" across from the "Recent Search Terms" in the drop-down.

B. You can remove any searches you do not want saved by clicking on the X, and that search term will be replaced with another previous search. 

C. Since the Search Bar will remember your 20 most recent searches, select Clear All to remove all of your 20 previous search terms.

When a previous search is clicked or you hit the Enter key on your keyboard, the platform will run a Keyword and Talking about search for the term(s) you entered.

3. You may also select one of the following Options when typing in a search term (Click outside of the Search Bar to expose these options):

Topic option - The beat or subject a journalist/outlet most writes about. There are about 1,200 pre-described topics in the system selected by our Research Team.  If you don't see the option to select a Topic from your search results, then it doesn't match the list.  You will, however, see Keyword matches listed in quotes.

Topic option

Keyword option - Word or phrase related to a journalist or outlet. Whether one word or a phrase, Keywords will be in quotes.
  • Results will be based on finding an exact match of the keyword in the Influencer Name, Twitter Bio, YouTube Description, Pitching Profile, Job Title, Email, Twitter Handle.
Keyword Option

Talking About option - Searches news content written in the last 14 days and reveals clips that have your Keyword in the article's title or 3 times in the body of the article.

Talking About option

Location option - City, State, Country

Location option

4.  Click the Search button.

(If you will be not adding filters to your search, skip to Step 13.)

To further refine your search before clicking the Search button, follow the steps below (Steps 5-12):

5. Add Location(s) and/or specific Outlet(s) before clicking on the Search button.

6. Click on the upside down triangle to open the Advanced Search option

7. Filter by Contact type including: Outlet, Journalist and/or Social
8. Filter by Media Type including:
  • Broadcast
    • Radio Network/Station 
    • Radio Show
    • Television Network/Station
    • Television Show
  • Internet
    • Blog
    • Social
    • Website
    • Podcast
  • Other
    • News Service/Syndicate
  • Print
    • Magazine
    • Newspaper
9. Filter by Audience Type including: Technical/Scientific/Academic, Consumer and Trade
10. Filter by News Focus including: International, Local, National and Regional outlet or journalist coverage.
11. Filter by Outlet Frequency including:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Semimonthly
  • Monthly
  • Bimonthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semiannual
  • Annual
  • No Frequency Established
12. After applying filters, click on the Search button.

Search Results

50 results are available per page and are sorted by relevancy by default. You can run a new search by Keyword in the persistent search bar at the top of the page. NOTE: This will replace your current search results with new results based upon the new keyword search.

Using the dropdown on the upper-right, this can be changed to also sort results in ascending or descending order by: 

  • Relevance: Auto-sort of results based upon your search parameters and filters applied.
  • Name: Sort contacts and outlets alphabetically by full name. This option will sort contacts by first name full name for outlets.
  • Article Reach: The expected or actual readership for media outlets/average readership of journalist's articles in last 180 days
  • Social Reach: The sum of a journalists subscribers and followers across Twitter and Twitch
  • Engagement Score: A 1-10 score reflecting engagement on the influencer's article and social content
  • Weekly Activity: The average number of articles and tweets the influencer publishes per week

13. Use filters along the left to hone in on relevant results:
Filter Bar Filters Available
Contact Type: Media Outlet, Journalist or Social
Topics And Keywords
You Searched for: Talking About, Topic and Keyword search terms
Filter by Relevant Topic: Topics related to your search (Up to 30 Topic bubbles will be available by clicking the See more Link to narrow down the search)
Location: Where the journalists and media outlets are located based on the search criteria (Up to 30 Location bubbles will be available by clicking the See more Link to narrow down the search)
Language: The language options present for this filter will be populated by the languages available within the result set; if the language is not available based on the results of your search, then the language will not be present to select from the list. 
Outlet: Media outlets with clips relevant to the search criteria (Up to 30 Outlet bubbles will be available by clicking the See more Link to narrow down the search)
Job Role: The job role of journalists with clips relevant to the search criteria (Up to 30 Job Role bubbles will be available by clicking the See more Link to narrow down the search)
Media Type: Select from Broadcast (radio and/or television), Internet (blogs, social posts and/or websites), Print (newspapers and/or magazines) and Other (News Service/Syndicate)
Audience Type: Select the intended audience of the outlet, including Technical/Scientific/Academic, Consumer and Trade
News Focus: Geographic area where an outlet or journalist focuses on in the clip (International, Local, National, Regional)
Outlet Frequency:  How often a media outlet publishes or releases new clips (i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually)
Reach and Impact
Article Reach: Expected readership of article online (Unique Visitors per Month) or the exact readership for a media outlet or the average readership of of articles a journalist has written in the last 180 days
Social Reach: The sum of a journalists subscribers and followers across Twitter and Twitch
TIP: Cision suggests using the filters to target a curated list of media as a best practice.  The more you hone in on the most relevant journalists for your pitch, the more likely you are to gain a positive relationship with the media and secure placements.