Saved & Recent Influencer Searches

Any search that you create and run on the Influencer Search page will be saved as a Recent Search or Saved Search so that you can easily run the search again effectively. 

  1. Saved Searches are purposefully saved by users until they are deleted. Saved Searches are visible to all of those who have access to the data group.
  2. Recent Searches are temporarily saved by the system and are visible only to the user who created them. Over time, old recent searches disappear as new searches are added.

Once you run a search, you will have the option to save it using the Save Search button that appears above your set of results. If you do not save the search, it will be temporarily saved as a Recent Search.


To run a Saved Search, click on its name which will automatically populate the search criteria. If you want to can modify the criteria once it populates.

 Saved Searches can be renamed and deleted by their owner. If you created a Saved Search, you will see the pencil icon and trash can icon as you roll over the Saved Search.  Use the pencil icon to rename the search. Use the trash can icon to delete a search.