Reset Existing and New User Passwords

  1. Navigate to the "Manage User" tab Settings > Manage User
  2. Hover over the user’s Username whose password you would like to reset. Three icons will appear to the right of the “Role” column. 
    • a pencil = edit user information
    • a lock = reset user password
    • a trash can = delete user
  3. Select the "lock" to reset the users password
    • A "Reset Password Confirmation" dialogue box will open
  4. Select "Confirm" to initiate the password reset
    • Confirming this action will trigger an email request which goes to the user
    • The selected user will receive a email invitation from Cision, and which will prompt them to set a new password. 
    • Once the user selects the “Set New Password” button, they’ll be navigated to a password management screen.  
    • New user’s passwords must be at least 6 characters with one number. Once the password is accepted, the user will be directed to the sign-in screen.