Cision Social Listening Quick vs Saved Search

Quick Search vs Saved Search 

Cision Social Listening provides two kinds of searches: quick searches and saved searches. If you want to monitor a topic on an ongoing basis, think of quick searches as previews. Start with a quick search to see instant results, and determine whether the results are relevant to you, and then refine as necessary. When you have finished refining your search query, save it so it’s always updated with the latest results!

Quick Search 

Saved Search 

Unlimited access to Quick Search Queries 

Each Client has an allotted number of searches that can be saved at a time. This is dependent on how many they purchase in their contract. 

Returns 30 days of historical results 

Mentions go back 12 months 

Topic Wheel Widget not available 

All Widgets available 

The Volume over time widgets (Mention, Sentiment and Emotion widget will default to viewing the data daily and is unable to be changed. 

Can adjust the Volume Over time (Mention, Sentiment, and Emotion) drop-down options allow user to see the number of mentions by hour, day, week, or month.  

The Top Interests Widget will only show: Interest and Mentions.  Unique Authors is not available 

The Top Interests widget will show Interest, Mention and Unique Authors. 

Cannot Tag Mentions or use the Tag Filter 

Full capabilities to Tag and Filter for Tags 

Cannot see Sentiment or Emotion on the returned Mentions results 

Can see and edit the Sentiment & Emotion on the mentions results 

Cannot change the assigned location of a Mention 

Can update the location of a Mention 

AI-powered peak detection (IRIS) is not available 

Iris automatically detects significant peaks in conversations and reveals what may be causing a significant jump in popularity 

Cannot Export Mentions 

Can export up to 5,000 Mentions at a time 

Can adjust the date range to display 30 days of historical data 

Can adjust the date range to any timeframe within the 1 year rolling archive  

 Quick Search queries have a maximum character limit of 600 characters.
Saved Search queries have a maximum character limit of 100,000 characters.

Note: To add more than 600 characters to a search, Save the Search with your 600 characters, then Edit the Saved Search to add up to 100,000 characters.