Publishing a Story Kit

To Publish your Story Kit:

You’ve created the content for your Story Kit, added all of the Journalists you plan to pitch, and added all relevant Key Messages and Topics. Now, it’s time to Preview and Publish your Story Kit!

  1. Click on the Preview button to review how your Story Kit will look when sent to Journalists you added as Contacts.
  2. Click on the Publish & Send button.

Note: Publishing does not notify your added contacts or distribute your Story Kit. You still need to send a pitch email to your contacts and include their unique URL.

3. Click on the Publish now button.

What Happens When I Publish my Story Kit?

  • A Public Link is generated.
  • Individual links are generated for each individual Contact. 

What is the difference between the public link and the individual contact links?

  1. The Public Link is for sharing your Story Kit with people other than those on the contacts tab. We do track interactions with the public link and expose them on the “Performance” page.
  2. Individual links are tied to a specific journalist, when those links are followed we’ll track page visits, time on page, and interactions

Story Kit Insights for Journalists:

Story Kit Insights shows journalists the demographics and potential reach of the topics contained in this Story Kit.


Cision monitors more than 4 million publications globally, capturing billions of articles. With this data, we use AI and machine learning to understand which topics, messages, and trends historically engage audiences, gain traction via social shares, and drive traffic and SEO rankings.

Story Kit Insights are on by default. To turn them off:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Content tab
  • Toggle Show Insights to the Off position.

Viewing Story Kit Insights:

  • How articles related to the Story Kit are trending. 
    • These metrics come from looking at articles that mention any of the key messages and topics you entered when creating your Story Kit 
  • What type of audience is reading stories like this? 
    • Social Audience Demographic data is a view of the online audience demographics that have engaged with a publication's content through social networks.  Since it's interactions, there may be instances where some populations (like over 65) may not show prominently if they are not engaging with content publicly.

Click on the Preview button to view your Story Kit Insights:

Journalist Specific Links:

  • Story Kit Insights for individual Contacts
    • When viewing an individual Story Kit link for a specific Contact we show the journalist a snapshot of their performance which gives them an incentive to increase their performance if they write your Story.
  • Journalist Quick Response Bar
    • A journalist can easily express interest (or not) in one click. This response immediately appears in the Contacts tab:

Note: These journalist-specific features do not appear when viewing the public link.