PR Newswire Standard Visibility Reports

Two hours after your release has gone out, the Authorized Sender and any others you have designated will receive an email with a link to a Release Watch Report.  You can identify others who should receive this report as you create your release in the Add Additional Visibility Report Recipients section.

add email recipients

You can also access your reports at any time through the View Reports tab.


Click on the link to view a PR Newswire Visibilty Report Example

Within the example report you, will notice a section that has been introduced recently that includes Image Views & Hits. This chart will show each image in the release, the number of Views each image received, Web Crawler Hits and Total Views and Web Crawler Hits. Views are human views that are calculated anytime an image renders minus the Web Crawler Hits. These metrics enable you to differentiate human views from bots/spider hits of images.