Podcast Monitoring Set Up

The Next Gen Cision Communications can now monitor Podcast content. For each Podcast hit brought into your system, you will receive the full Podcast transcript and convenient player to use for listening to the Podcast.  Podcast content is made available for Cision to monitor via our partner TV Eyes. While TV Eyes is also our partner for providing TV and Radio broadcast content, Podcast monitoring is a separate service associated with a separate cost As a result, Podcasts monitoring can be achieved with our without  TV and Radio broadcast monitoring.  If you are unsure whether your contract includes Podcast monitoring or you want to add it, please reach out to your Cision Account Executive or our Support Team at support@cision.com

Monitoring Search Set Up for Podcast Content

In addition to having a contract that includes Podcast monitoring, your Next Generation Cision Comms Cloud will need to have monitoring searches setup to bring in Podcast mentions. This can be achieved using the Boolean operator mediatype: with the value "Podcast". The mediatype: operator can be used to place conditions on Podcast content, either inclusionary or exclusionary.

To add the mediatype:"Podcast" operator to existing searches or create ones, you will want to navigate to the Coverage Saved Searches area of the platform.

  1. Click the Coverage tab.
  2. Select Saved Searches.
  3. Click the name of the existing search to open the search terms and add the mediatype:"Podcast". NOTE: No space should be used between these terms.
  4. To create a new monitoring search with mediatype:"Podcast", select the New Search button. NOTE: No space should be used between these terms.

It is important to note that the mediatype:"Podcast" operator can be used anywhere in else in the platform that allows you to edit Boolean, such as in the Analytics Dashboards Key Message chart editor. The Key Messages chart functions like a search within a monitoring search enabling you to easily see and track tending of targeted mentions within a brand's coverage.

Viewing Podcast Hits

Once monitoring searches have been set up to bring in Podcast content, you can easily view the the hits coming into your system. Click to learn more about viewing your Podcast hits.