Personalized Pitching vs. Email Announcements

There are 2 ways to connect with media via email in the Cision platform: Personalized Pitches and Email Announcements

Personalized Pitches enable you to target the right influencers with the right messaging in a personalized manner.  You can integrate your professional email account into the Cision platform.  Not only does this allow you to send to media right from the platform as if you're sending it through your inbox with ease, but it will also house all of your media email communications in one place for you and your team to access and keep track of.  

When you connect your professional email account, we scan your account for email communications with influencers in our media database. So, any emails that include a recipient’s email address matching that of an influencer in our database (TO/FROM/CC/BCC) are pulled into the platform. We will continue to pull in email data for as long as you have your account connected to the platform.

You might send a Personalized Pitch after sending a larger (or mass) communication via Email Announcements or to send a curated pitch to a targeted group of media. NOTE: Since Email Pitches use your email servers and do not include Cision's Opt-Out functionality, it is your responsibility to honor opt-out requests from recipients and do not include them in future Personalized Pitches.

Email Announcements are designed to reach out to a broader group of media.  These emails are customized, but are less personal than Personalized Pitches.  In addition to the ease of sending mass emails through the platform, Email Announcements allows you to automatically track the Delivery Rate (percentage of emails were actually delivered), Open Rate (percentage of media opened your email), Click Rate (percentage of media contacts clicked on your links), Bounce Rate (percentage of recipients who did not receive the email after bouncing for 72 hours straight) and Unsubscribe Rate (percentage of recipients who received the email, but unsubscribed from receiving future emails), all giving insight into who is engaging with your content. (NOTE: Personalized Pitches are not automatically tracked like Email Announcements). Email Announcements include an opt-out address for recipients, which is required by law. If a contact opts-out, they will no longer receive Email Announcements.