Personalized Pitching: Sending Individual Email Pitches with Connect

You can send an individual email pitch from a media profile.  Find a media profile by searching for a specific journalist, using a media list, or even directly from the results of a broader search.

***Note: you must have an integrated email account to send emails through the platform. Learn how to Integrate your Email Account here!

To send an email pitch from a media profile:

  • Find a journalist through any of the following: search for a journalist by name, select a journalist from a saved media list, or select a journalist from a results set.  
  • Once you select the correct media, click into the Full Profile.  
  • From here you can simply click on the media's email address.

Email an Individual Journalist

An email composition widget will pop up, allowing you to create your personalized pitch.  Craft your email as you would from your own inbox using the following options:

  1. Select sender email address: This dropdown menu will showcase all the integrated emails associated with your account.
  2. CC & BCC: These fields function exactly as they would in a standard email account, allowing you to send a copy or a blind carbon copy in addition to emailing the media.
  3. Subject: Choose something short, informative, and catchy!
  4. Text formatting bar: Cision provides all the standard email formatting options that you have come to expect from standard email accounts. 
  5. Body: Craft your email as you would from your own inbox.
  6. Once you're ready send the email, select Send Now or you can select Send Me a Test Email to preview the email prior to sending.

NOTE: Since Email Pitches use your email servers and do not include Cision's Opt-Out functionality, it is your responsibility to honor opt-out requests from recipients.