New Dashboards Overview

New Dashboards is the next evolution of custom dashboards within the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud. This hub is full of options for visualizing for news coverage in a variety of ways along with flexible layout control, mobile-friendly views, and enhanced analytics capabilities.

Accessing New Dashboards:

  1. Click on the Analytics tab.
  2. Select Dashboards from the drop-down menu.
  3. Your 5 most recently viewed dashboards will show at the top of the hub. The most recently accessed dashboard will be leftmost in this area.
  4. The far left of the screen displays the dashboards you have access to, whether created by you or shared with you. Starred dashboards are those you marked as favorites and Archived dashboards are those you have removed, which are both discussed later in this document. These two views are on a per-user basis, meaning if you star or archive a dashboard, others will not see the changes you made to your list of dashboards.

5. At the bottom of the New Dashboards screen, you will see a list view of all dashboards that are related to what is selected on the left-hand menu. This list view will show 50 dashboards per page. 

Within this table, you will see the following data for each dashboard:

A. Dashboard Name- The name of the dashboard.

C. Last Modified- The date the dashboard was last edited.

B. Owner- The name of the person who created the dashboard appears under the Category information. The owner can be selected from a drop down menu. When an Owner is selected, the list will only show dashboards created by that owner.

D. Searches- The number of searches that are within the widgets in that dashboard.

Filtering the Dashboards

You have a variety of options available for you to quickly find and access the dashboard for which you are looking:

  1. Select an Owner from the drop down menu to see only dashboards created by a particular person.
  2. Use the Sort By option to see all dashboards Sorted by either Last Date Modified, Name of Dashboard, or Owner in ascending or descending order.
  3. Use the Search option to type in the name of a particular dashboard to locate it. Note: The Search function searches only dashboard names.

4. You may also filter using the new Campaigns drop down on the left-hand side of the New Dashboards screen. 

NOTE: The new Campaigns drop down will appear ONLY if you have new dashboards assigned to a Campaign. If you do not have any Dashboards assigned, you will not see this dropdown.

5. Once you've selected a Campaign, your Dashboard view will filter to only those Dashboards included in your Campaign.

Archiving Dashboards

You can Archive dashboards which will remove them from the list view. Note: You can only archive dashboards you have created. You will not be able to archive dashboards created by others.

To Archive individual dashboards:

  1. Select the Ellipses button for the dashboard you want to Archive.
  2. Select the Archive Dashboard option.

To Archive multiple dashboards:

  1.  Click the check boxes located next to the dashboards you want to Archive.
  2. Select the Archive option on the toolbar.


Restoring Dashboards (After Archiving)

Whether you have archived a dashboard on accident or on purpose, you can easily restore it. Restoring a dashboard will cause it appear in the list view of the New Dashboards hub.

To Restore an individual dashboard:

  1. Click the Archived section of the Dashboards panel. All Archived Dashboards will show in the list view at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the Ellipses button of the row for the list you want to restore.
  3. Select the Restore Dashboard option.

To Restore multiple dashboards:

  1. Click the Archived section of the Dashboards panel. All Archived Dashboards will show in the list view at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the check box next to the dashboards you want to restore.
  3. Click the Restore button.

Starred (Favorite) Dashboards

You can Star dashboards within Dashboards 2.0, which designates them as you "favorite" dashboards. 

To Star a Dashboard, click the Star in the dashboard's row. A yellow star indicated that the dashboard is Starred/Favorited. 

To Star multiple dashboards:

  1. Click the check box next to the dashboard(s) you want to add to your starred favorites.
  2. Click the Star button.

To remove a Dashboard from the Star/Favorite collection:

  1. Use the Starred filter to view dashboards that have been previously Starred.
  2. Select the check box for the dashboard you want to Unstar.
  3. Click on the Unstar button from the options toolbar.

Note: Dashboards is supported on cell phones and portrait-tablet size screens as well as on laptop and landscape-tablet screens. 

  • When Dashboards widgets are viewed on a laptop or landscape-tablet screen, the display will be 3 widget columns wide. 
  • When using a cell phone or portrait-tablet screen, Dashboards will display 2 widget columns.