Navigation Overview of the Platform

Welcome to the Next Generation Cision Comms Cloud!

Review the information below for a quick overview of the platform, so you know where to navigate to find what you need! Click on the links below to learn more about each section.

Note: If there are any areas of the platform discussed here that you do not see in your instance of the platform, reach out to your Account Manager to learn how to add these features to your subscription.

Using the Main Navigation Toolbar 

1. The upper left hand-side of the toolbar includes a tab for each major area of the platform.

2. The upper right hand-side of the toolbar includes additional in-app resources, such as Chat with Support button, Voice of the Customer button to share feedback and an In-app Assistance button to guide you to resources that are relevant to the area of the platform you are exploring.

3. The far upper right-hand corner of the toolbar includes a Person icon and your Name. When clicked, provides a menu to access platform Settings (including Admin Settings), ability to Create a Ticket and send to our Support Team, navigate to the Knowledge Guide home page and the ability to Log Out of the platform.

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Description of Tabs

Coverage Tab

The Coverage tab will provide you with access to your news monitoring and tags.

Earned Media: 

  • Quick access to the most impactful coverage coming in through your monitoring searches, a list of high a impact authors, and detailed list of all  mentions coming in through your monitoring searches. 
  • The Earned Media area is beneficial for those who need to carefully glean through each article coming in through monitoring searches to determine its relevancy or manually tag.

Saved Searches:

  • Create and manage the library of monitoring searches that power the Earned Media and Analytics areas. 

  • Catagorize and curate articles for reporting, alerts, and newsletters.d

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Influencers Tab

If you have Cision's Media Contact Database as part of your subscription, you will see the Influencers tab. This will give you opportunities to search for contacts and outlets, create lists, distribute emails and manage email data. Clicking on these links will open the Media Contacts Database in a separate window.

Search Media Contacts & Outlets: 

  • Find the Media Contacts and Outlets that are most closely related to your campaign and best suited to get your story out and saved them to Media Lists for targeted pitching.

Saved Lists: 

  • Access and manage the Media Lists you have built and saved.
Note: Clicking on the Search Media Contacts or Saved Lists links will allow you to also access your Message Center to send emails, review emails and analyze email-related data. You will also be able to access Editorial Calendars and Help a Reporter Out (HARO) searches.

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Contacts Tab

If you have the Contacts tab, then you have Cision Connect as part of your subscription. Connect is a powerful media and influencer communications solution to help you improve your earned media outreach, build better relationships and secure more coverage.
  • Search will allow you to search for media contacts, outlets and social influencers in our database, using various filters including location, outlet, media type and publication frequency.
  • Lists will allow you to search for and sort saved media lists and send outreach to them with Personalized Pitches and Email Announcements.
  • Message Center gives you the opportunity to view all Personalized Pitches and Email Announcements, delete email exchanges, view data associated with Email Announcements and check read receipts for Personalized Pitches.
  • Editorial Calendars and Media Requests provide you with the ability to search for current Editorial Calendars inquiries using filters such as location, outlet and topic.

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Campaigns Tab

Use the Campaigns tab to pitch the media, engage social influencers and track campaigns in order to increase awareness, inform, educate and drive consumer action. 

My Campaigns

  • Provide a high-level look at the trending coverage of your Campaigns, as well as collecting the assets associated with the them.


  • Story Kits help eliminate stressful back-and-forth by providing journalists with the information, historical background, quotes and interviews, and multimedia elements they need upfront to write a great story.


  • If you have a subscription to PR Newswire or PRWeb, use this link to navigate to a new tab, allowing you to generate buzz and promote your business with PRWeb or PRNewswire online press releases.

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Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab allows you to build custom Dashboards based upon your saved searches, generate reports and access Impact for Earned Media.


  • Visualize, analyze, and report on earned media mentions coming in through your monitoring searches.


  •  Generate custom reports of your dashboards to share with stakeholders via shared URL or PDF.

Impact for Earned Media:

  • Tracking technology to help you understand the impact of Earned Media across the internet. View  validated  audience demographic and firmographic information of those who consume designated Earned Media.

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Alerts Tab

Use the Alerts tab to access resources to create custom email Alerts and curated Newsletters to distribute to clients and colleagues.


  • Create and manage automated emails alerting you of coverage Cision has found.


  • Leverage a simple and elegant solution for sending curated coverage to internal or external stakeholders.

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Cision Social Listening

Cision Social Listening, powered by Brandwatch, is an additional subscription that provides you with the best-in-class, easy-to-use, and easy-to-access analysis of the world’s largest archive of consumer voices, including social monitoring of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

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Customer Resource Buttons

The In-App Assistance button navigates you directly to the resources on the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud Knowledge Guide and Client Help Site that are relevant to the area of the platform that you are currently accessing, including:
  • Settings for Integrations
  • Settings for Emails
  • Earned Media Coverage
  • Media Monitoring Saved Searches
  • Tags
  • Connect Searches
  • Connect Lists
  • Connect Message Center
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Media Requests
  • Campaigns
  • Story Kits
  • Dashboards Home Page
  • Individual Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Impact for Earned Media
  • Alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Cision Social Listening

The Cision Customer Feedback button is directly connected to our Voice of the Customer platform. This will allow you to directly submit feedback to the Voice of the Customer program, Product Management, and other internal teams!

US-English Customers can do the following:

  • Submit Feedback
  • View your Feedback History
  • Access the Resource Centre
  • Access the Live Learning calendar
  • Reach out directly to the Customer Support Team

Use the Chat with Support button to begin a chat with a Cision specialist on our Support Team, who can assist you with your questions or how to complete an activity in the platform. 

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Customer Admin Dropdown

Click on the Person icon or your Name in the upper-right hand corner to access the Settings area of the platform and additional resources.

The Settings link will allow you to adjust your preferences, such as language and time zone, and also provides access for Admins to manage users and other settings in the platform.
The Create a Ticket link will guide you to a form to submit a request or question to our Support team via email, and a specialist will reach back out to you to fulfill that request or answer your questions.
The Knowledge Guide link will guide you to the home page of our Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud Client Knowledge Guide and Help Site:
The Log Out link will allow you to log out of the platform after you have completed your activities for the day.

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