My Lists

Accessing your lists is simple, follow these steps in order to access your saved Contact and Outlet lists:

  1. Click on Search Media Contacts option under the Influencers tab in the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud.This will open the Cision Media Database.
  2. Click on My Lists under the Influencers tab in the Cision Media Database.

Finding a Media List

  1. Click on the type of list for which you are looking: Contact or Outlet.
  2. If you know the name of the list you are looking for, begin typing the name in the Search box. The system will show you any lists whose name match. (NOTE: This search bar option will only appear if you have more than  8 lists saved in the system.)
  3. If you find the desired list by searching, click on it.
  4. If you do not know the name of the list, you can always scroll through all list names until you find the one for which you are looking. When you find the desired list, click on it.

Sorting your Media Lists

If you have 8 or more lists saved in your system you can sort your media lists by five different criteria to make finding lists easier.  To the right of the search box, you will see a sort by drop down.  Once you select it you can choose to organize your lists by the following:

  • Recently Edited: Will sort lists by those most recently updated
  • Date Created: Will sort lists by the date that they were first created
  • Name: Will sort lists alphabetically by name
  • Owner: Will sort lists by who originally saved the list
  • Number of Contacts: Will sort lists by those with the most number of contacts



Adding Notes to a Media List

You can add notes to an overall media list.  This is great to leave any information you would like to convey about the contacts on the list or why the list was created.  To leave notes on a Contact or Outlet list head to the My Lists section and select on the list you would like to leave notes on. These notes are shared with anyone logging in to your organizations Cision account.

To add a note to a media list.

  1. Click the pencil icon under the list name.
  2. Type in the note you wish to add.
  3. Click Save.

Users with access to your Cision Communications Cloud will be able to view your note from both the Lists and the Analysis view of the list. If the note is long, users will be able to hover over the note to see it in its entirety.

Working with a Selected Media List

When you click on a Contact or Outlet list, you have a variety of options available for working with the list. 

  1. At the top, you will see the name of the list followed by the number of entries contained within that list at the top of the page.
  2. The Filters section will enable you to apply filters to further examine the list or begin the process of making a new list from the existing list.
  3. The In This List panel will show you all the members of the list in the left pane while showing you the profile for each member of the list in the right pane.
  4. The Sort by button will enable you to sort list members by various data.
  5. The View buttons will allow you to select either the grid or profile view.
  6. The Options Toolbars in this area will enable you to add to and delete from your list, report on the lists, or send an email distribution to selected members of the list.
  7. Select either the Lists or Analysis View. The Lists View to see individual members of your media lists while the Analysis View will use charts to describe members of your lists.

Selecting a View for Saved Media Lists

You have several options available for viewing your list. These options enable you to specify how you see the data associated with media contacts or outlets in your list. Click here to learn more about how to access and change these features.

Using the Lists View Options

When using the Lists option, you can use a Profile View or Grid View to see your Media List. You have the option of selecting your favorite view as the default but can always toggle among the view choices.

To access the Profile or Grid Views, select the Lists button in the upper right-hand corner.

By default, you will be directed to the Profile View. This view will enable you to see each Contact or Outlet’s profile in the right-hand pace when you select their name in the left pane.  You can sort the results in this view according to various data points.

  1. Use the Profile View button to select this view if it is not already selected.
  2. Click the Name box to see the data you can use to sort the contacts or outlets.
  3. Select the data by which you want to sort the list.

To switch to the Grid View, select the three lines button. This view will allow you to see data about multiple Contacts or Outlets at a time. Within this view, you can sort data by the columns and deselect any columns you don’t want to see in this view.

  1. Click the Grid View button to select this view.
  2. Select the gear icon to customize your Grid View.
  3. Select columns of data that you want to see in this view while unchecking any you don’t want to see.
  4. Use the cogwheel to drag and drop columns to arrange them in a different order.
  5. Click in any column to sort the results according to the selected data in ascending or descending order.

If you leave the grid view selected, this will become your default view when viewing lists.

Using the Analysis View Option

The analysis view will show you a dashboard of charts. The grouping of charts presented will be different based on whether you are viewing a Media Contact or Media Outlet list.

The Media Contact List Analysis Dashboard

  1. At the top of this dashboard, will be a map showing where your Media Contacts or Outlets are located.
  2. Underneath that, you’ll see a breakdown of what subjects the people on your list cover and how many contacts cover that subject.
  3. To the right, you’ll see a real-time Twitter feed aggregating the tweets from the people on the list.  From this feed, you can reply, re-tweet, or favorite a post. You must have a Twitter account connected to the platform to see this stream.


The Media Outlet List Analysis Dashboard

The Media Outlets Insights View shows the following charts:

  1. A map showing where the Media Contacts in the list are located.
  2. A chart showing a breakdown of the Media Types represented in the list.


Renaming or Deleting a List

You can rename a list in the My Lists section of the page. 

To Rename a List:

  • Click the Pencil icon.
  • When the Manage My List menu appears, use the Name text box to type in the new name for the list.
  • Click Ok

To Delete a List.

  • Click on the Trashcan icon that appears by the name of the list.
  • Then, click Confirm to fully delete the list.


Filtering a Saved Media List

The filters that appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen help you further examine a list or create a new list from an existing one. 

  1. Select the list you would like to filter.
  2. Click the filter you would like to apply.
  3. Select as many filter choices as you wish at a time. You can repeat these steps to apply additional filters at one time.
  4. To remove a filter at any time, uncheck the box or select 'clear all filters'.
  5. Check either all of the Contacts or Outlets found by the filter or, check individual contacts or outlets.
  6. Click Add to List to add the filtered and selected Contacts or Outlets to an existing or new list.
  7. Click Download to either Export to Excel or create a Briefing Book to run a report on the filtered and selected Contacts or Outlets.
  8. Click Remove to deleted filtered and selected  Contacts or Outlets.
  9. Click here to learn more about what filters are available for Media Contact and Outlet Lists.

Working with List Members that have Multiple Outlets

  1. If there Media Contacts in your list that are associated with Multiple Outlets, you will see each individual record listed by default in the My Lists view.
  2. This is because the Contacts with Multiple Outlets filter is on by default

You can turn this filter off to see these Media Contact records consolidated if you prefer.

  1. Under the Contacts with Multiple Outlet Records filter, slide the toggle to off.
  2. For any contacts with more than one record in your list, they now be consolidated into one record with the Multiple Outlets label.
  3. When using this consolidated view, Media Contacts with more than one record will have a link in their profile which will enable you to easily move from one profile to the other.


Adding Recommended Additions to a Contact List

You can add Recommend Additions to your Media Contact list regularly. In addition, you can easily remove contacts or outlets from a list.

Including Recommended Additions to your Media Contact list will help ensure that you are constantly keeping your Media Contact list up to date. The Recommended Additions feature actively recommends Media Contacts that may be good candidates for your list! These recommended contacts have had a profile change in the past 30 days in such that they now meet the criteria you used to create the Media Contact List initially. The following steps can be used to find Recommended Additions to any Media Contact List.Click on My Lists from the Influencers tab on the main system navigation toolbar.

  1. Click on Contact in the My Lists panel.
  2. Click on the Contact List for which you would like to see Recommended Additions.
  3. Click on the Recommended Additions button
  4. Check any Contacts in this section that are good candidates for your list
  5. Click Add to List to add the checked Contacts to your list.

Removing Contacts or Outlets from a Media List

You can Remove/Delete Contacts or Outlets from a list easily at any time.

  1. Click on My Lists from the Influencers tab on the main system navigation toolbar.
  2. In the My Lists panel, click Contact or Outlet based on the type of list for which you are looking.
  3. Click on the name of the Contact or Outlet List from which you would like to remove Media Contacts or Outlets.
  4. Place a check mark by the names of the Media Contacts or Outlets that you would like to remove.
  5. Click the Remove button. If you want to use the filters to identify groups of contacts or outlets that you want to remove from a list, click here to learn more about filtering a list.
  6. The selected Media Contacts or Outlets will be removed which is momentarily indicated by a line drawn through the affected names. The My List screen will then refresh showing the updated list without the removed contacts.

Sending an Email to a Saved List

You can send an email to members of a saved media list from the Options toolbar on the My List page. This option works well if your purpose is to send an email distribution to only one list or selected members of one list.  However, if your purpose is to distribute to multiple lists at one time, we recommend using the My Activities tab.

To accomplish this,

  1. Select the list to which you would like to send the email.
  2. Apply any desired filters to the list.
  3. Check the Contact or Outlets to which you would like to send. Use the top checkbox to select All Contacts or Outlets in a List. Use the individual check-boxes to choose specific Contacts or Outlets.
  4. Click the Connect button and choose Send Email.


You will be guided through a step by step process to create and send your email. Click here to learn more about each step of the process.

Reporting on a Saved Media List

You will see options for reporting on your list in the toolbar. The first option will enable you to Export data associated with your list to an Excel file. The second option, available only for a Media Contact List, will enable you to create a Briefing Book report which is a .PDF file. 

Once you have checked either all of the members of a list or some of them, the options toolbar will become active.  There you will see the reporting options.

  1. Select Export to create an Excel file with data about the Contacts or Outlets.  Click here to learn more about creating an Export with data of your choosing.
  2. Select Briefing Book to create a .PDF file with many details about the selected Contacts or Outlets. Click here to learn more about a Briefing Book report.

Adding an Activity to Media Contacts/Outlets

If you would like more information on adding an activity to the platform one at a time, click here.

If you would like more information on adding the same activity to multiple contacts/outlets at once, click here.

Viewing Properties for Lists

The head icon located in the upper right-hand corner will take you to the settings area of the system where you can see the properties associated with each list in the data group such as who owns the list, when it was created, when it was last edited and more.

You will be taken to the Settings area of the system where you can see who owns the list, when the list was created, when it was last edited, and the number of outlets or contacts in the list in a grid view.


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