Media Updates

Media Updates

Stay informed about changes in the media landscape and Access our Media Updates by:

  1. Click the Search Media Contacts option under the Influencers tab of the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud. The Cision Media Database will open.
  2. Select the Media Updates page under the Influencers tab of the Cision Media Database.

Here you’ll find breaking news in the PR, Marketing, and Communication industries, interviews with exciting contributors, and information about the comings and goings of prominent figures. This blog is put together by our Media Research team and will open in a separate tab. Each ‘CisionScoop’ entry provides updates to the media landscape. Also, you will find that the blog opens in a separate tab. This will enable you to easily reference each blog update as you research media contacts and update your lists. Finally, notice that you can register on this page to receive a weekly or daily update in email format directly from the media research team if you prefer.

  1. Notice that the Media Blog opens in a separate tab so you that you can reference changes you learn about as you use your Cision Communications Cloud.
  2. You will find each ‘CisionScoop’ in the middle of the page. Click on each ‘CisionScoop’ to read more about each grouping of updates.
  3. If you would like to receive daily or weekly email updates directly from the research team, enter your email address and click the subscribe button.

Media Blog