Measuring Story Kit Performance

With Story Kit, you can measure your pitch performance, all within the Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud! Once your Story Kit is launched and you’ve sent emails including the Story Kit link to journalists to pitch your Story, you can track how journalists are interacting with your Story Kit. 

In the Contacts tab, you can see the following information per Journalist:

Time on Page: How long the journalist has spent, in total, looking at your Story Kit.

Interactions: The number of times a journalist has clicked on a backlink or downloaded an asset.

Page Visits: The number of times a journalist has visited your Story Kit.

Story Mentions: The number of articles a journalist has written about one of your key messages and topics. Click on the number to be taken to the Coverage section of the Story Kit to see the articles written.


You can see overall pitch performance by clicking on the Performance tab of your Story Kit:

Here, we give you the Open Rate and the aggregate metrics that you can see per journalist on the Contacts tab. We also show you Visitors Right Now, so you can see who is currently viewing your Story Kit.

You can also see a funnel of your pitch performance by clicking on the See Engagement Details Link in the Performance Overview:

The states are all either set manually on the Contacts tab or are automatically set based on the following:

Pitched Contacts: Manually set to Pitched

Opportunity: The journalist responded “Yes” or “Maybe” on the journalist quick response bar when viewing a Story Kit.

Secured: Journalists that wrote a Story about one of the key messages or topics in your Story Kit

Rejected: The journalist responded "No" on the journalist quick response bar when viewing your Story Kit.

More Metrics in the Performance Tab

How is your story being covered?:

Here we show you the top 4 articles that have been written from your Story Kit. You can click into the article or click See All Coverage to see the entire set of articles that have been written.

How is your Story Coverage Performing?

Total Mentions: how many articles have been written about your story

Social Shares: how many times have these articles been interacted with on social media (shared, tweeted, etc.)

Backlink Visits: how many people have clicked on a backlink in one of the articles that has taken them back to your website (if you have GA integrated) 

Avg. SEO Impact: The average SEO impact across all articles.

Website Visitors: The number of people that visited your website after reading one of the articles written.

What type of audience is your story reaching?

This demographic data comes from the same source as the demographic data for Story Kit insights. The only difference is that here, we are looking at the demographic data based on only the articles written by the journalists that we pitched (the journalists in the Contacts tab).

Measuring Secured Coverage from your Story Kit

Click into the Coverage tab under the Performance tab to see all of the coverage secured from your Story Kit. 

  • Here, you will find all articles that are written about one of your key messages and topics or by one of the journalists in your Contacts tab.
  • This is where you can find the articles that power the “Story Mentions” in the Contacts tab.
  • You can delete irrelevant coverage (this will also update the “Story Mentions” number for a Contact).
  • If you’re finding a lot of irrelevancies, try making your key messages and topics more specific.