Manually Opting In Media Contacts

Manually Opting In Media Contacts

You can invite media contacts, who have opted out of email distributions from your data group, to opt-in to future email distributions.  You can send opt-in invitations to media contacts that have opted themselves out or been manually opted out. 

Searching for all Opt-Outs

You can search for any Media Contacts that have opted themselves out of receiving your emails or been manually opted out.  In order to locate any Media Contact that has unsubscribed use the following steps:

  1. Click on Search Media Contacts option from the Influencers tab in the Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud. This will open the Cision Media Database.
  2. Select the Search page from the Influencer tab in the Cision Media Database.

3. Use the drop-down menu on the left to select the Opted-Out Contacts option

Opted Out Option

03. Choose the option “Only contacts opted-out from emails”

04. Click Search. The result set will show you everyone in your data group that has chosen to opt out of receiving your emails.

Filtering and Sorting Opt-Out Results

After searching for any media contacts who have unsubscribed from emails, you have a variety of options for filtering and sorting to find those that you want to send opt-in invitations.

  1. The middle panel will display all media contacts who have opted out. If you see the contacts for which you are looking, click on them from this panel.
  2. Applying filters will narrow the opt-out results you see in the middle panel.  Multiple filters can be applied at one time. One particularly helpful filter is the Contact List filter. This will enable you to see everyone contained in a particular media list who has opted-out.
  3. You can sort the opted out media contacts using a variety of criteria such as name, outlet name, and reach information.
  4. While the profile view is the default, the alternate grid view can be selected which will provide you with a sortable column view of the opted out contacts.

Opt Out Overview

Sending Opt-In Invitations

Once you find a media contact in the result set that you would like to opt-in, follow the instructions below to send them an invitation.

  1. Click on the media contact in the search result set.
  2. Select the View Contact button from their profile overview.
  3. Click on the Three Ellipses button.
  4. Choose Request to Opt Back In. (NOTE: You will only see this choice for media contacts who have previously opted out).

Opt In

You will have the opportunity to customize some information contained in the invitation email.

  1. While the Sender information will be populated by default, you can change this information. We highly recommend you enter information that will be recognizable to the recipient such as your organization name, client name or own name.
  2. The subject line of the email will default to reference your company login information.  We recommend you customize the subject line to indicate clearly who is requesting the opt-in.
  3. Add any comments that you wish you include. These comments will be added to the body of the email.
  4. Select the language that the email should be composed in.
  5. View the text that will be included in the body with any of your added comments.
  6. Click Send.
  7. Repeat this process for other you want to invite to opt back in.

Opt In Invitation