Manually Adding An Article

In the Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud, you can manually add online articles in bulk to your monitoring searches. This function also  gives you the ability to include manually added online coverage to your analytics charts. This feature is beneficial for coverage that is related to your monitoring search but does not mention your brand specifically. When the brands for which you are monitoring are not mentioned in content, the search cannot bring the content in as there is no match of monitoring terms. 

Follow the instructions below to learn now to manually add online coverage that does not match monitoring terms. (NOTE: The process outlined below can only be used for online coverage. Broadcast, social, and print coverage must be added by our support teams. If you need to add an article of these types, please reach out to our support team at 

Adding online articles to your earned coverage: 

1. Click on the Analytics tab

2. Select the Dashboards option

3. Select the dashboard for which you wish to add articles

4. Click on the Total Number of Mentions included in the chart

A page will open with the trend of coverage contained in the Total Mentions chart at the top and a list of coverage at the bottom.  
5. Click on the Add Article URLs button
6. Add up to 25 URLs at a time and include only one URL per line

7. Click on the Add URLs to Search button

If an article is already in the platform, you will see a confirmation at the bottom of the Add Article URLs window.

8. Click on the Go Back button to add additional URLs.


9. Click the Add URLs to Search button or the X in the upper-right corner to close the Add Article URLs window.

10. If an article is not already in the platform and can be added, you will see confirmation it is not in the database and you can click on the arrow icon to preview the article.
11. In the Article Information Preview window, select the Remove URL button if it is not the article you want added OR the Back to Results button if you want to add this article.
12. Click on the Add URLs to Search button and look for a confirmation in the upper-right of the screen.

NOTE: If the article cannot be successfully added with the URL, you will receive an error message.

Reasons that an article may not be added via an URL include: 

  • The link you are attempting to add does not include all article requirements (headline, body text, author, publish date and publisher). In this instance, you can open a chat window for a Customer Support Representative to take a look at the content at the link to determine if it can indeed be added.
  • The publication is partially behind a paywall or is subscription based. It may be possible to add; however, this is only a task that can be completed by a Customer Support Representative.
  • The link is a PDF, video or audio file, all of which are not supported in the platform. In the instance that the content at the link is PDF, only video and only audio, this content will not be able to be added into the platform under any circumstance. In many cases video issues can be resolved by going to the site itself that hosts the video.  If you do not believe the content at the link fits into any of these categories, please open a chat window to talk with a Customer Support Representative.
  • There is coding at the end of the URL that prevents the link from being recognized. This is very specific to article URLs from Forbes URLs all carry a unique code at the end of every URL, which changes every time the article page is refreshed. In this instance, to add the article independently, remove the code at the end of the URL then use that shortened URL in the Add Article URLs window:

    • Original URL:
    • Shortened URL: