Importing a Word Document in an Email Announcement with Connect

When sending Email Announcements, you are able to Import a Word document to serve as your email template.

To Begin Your Email Announcement:

  • Navigate to the Contacts tab and select Lists.
  • Run any relevant media search or click into the Name of a Contact List using the checkboxes along the left
  • Select your recipients from the media search results or the saved contact list, then click on the Email List button to choose Email Announcement.

  • From here, you will be brought to the Recipient List page where you can choose to add additional media or remove media from the announcement.
  • The Add Recipients button brings up your media lists.  You can add an entire list, or select individual media from a saved list.
  • Select the trash can icon next to the journalist's email to remove them from the outreach.
  • NOTE: If one or more of the selected contacts are missing an email, a modal denoting such will show up when you click the Next: Compose Email button. Take note that any contacts that do not have email addresses will not show up in the recipient list when an email is sent out.

To Import a Word Document into an Email Announcement:

  1. When in the Next: Compose Email stage, click on the Import from Word icon.

2. Click on Choose File to select the Word document you want to upload. (NOTE: The file must be from Word 2010 or later and maximum size is 20MB)

3. Click on Import and make any additional customizations in the body of your Email Announcement prior to sending.