Impact: Adding a Total Conversions Widget

Dashboards: Total Conversions

The Total Conversions Widget brings Impact attribution metrics into New Dashboards so you can view how content from a given search is driving/has driven readers to directly convert on your web properties. You can quickly compare ROI for multiple searches and compare direct business impact of earned media to reach estimations provided by the Monitoring widgets – All in one view! 

The ability to view and compare business impact against monitoring metrics and compare conversion driven between searches can shed light on valuable opportunities to change and improve your PR strategy as well as better quantify the business impact of earn media on your business.  

NOTE: If web events are not set up for your account, you will not be able to view or use Total Conversions. 

Note: If you are looking for information on using the Analytics Dashboards that are also available on the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud, you will want to visit this page.

Adding the Total Conversions Impact Widget in New Dashboards:

  1. Click on the Analytics tab.
  2. Select Dashboards from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on New Dashboard to create a new dashboard or Select the dashboard that you would like to add the widget to.

4. Click on the Add Widget button in the upper-right hand corner.

5. Select the Total Conversions Widget.

6. Select the Impact Searches you would like to include

  • You can add up to 25 Impact Searches, but we recommend showcasing no more than 5 Impact Searches in each Widget.
  • You may select only Impact Searches for this widget, so non-Impact searches will be greyed out.

7. Click on Add Widget, which will showcase your data in the widget at the bottom of the dashboard.

Within this widget, you can do the following:

A. You can click on any data point to view the article drill down for that date.

C. Click on the Ellipses to edit the date range of your widget.

B. You can change the timescale for data points to Day, Week or Month.

This widget will display the total of all conversions for the specific search(es) you selected.