Impact: Adding a Top Viewed Journalists Widget

Dashboards: Top Viewed Journalists

In the past, you may have used the Unique Visitors Per Month (UVPM) metric to assess the potential reach of journalists to determine if you should pitch a story to them. However, UVPM measures an entire outlet’s reach in one month, which does not tell you that specific journalist’s engagement or views.  

Now, with the Top Viewed Journalists widget, you’ll be able to see which journalists contribute the highest Verified Views, allowing you to make better decisions on who to build relationships with! You can also easily view traditional online readership metrics for a journalist from media monitoring and compare to the Verified Views metric provided by Cision Impact.

You will be able to view which journalists are driving the most engagement of a selected search, see the articles they wrote to drive that engagement and learn more about the journalist through information surfaced through Cision Connect (if you have Cision Connect as part of your subscription).

Note: If you are looking for information on using the Analytics Dashboards that are also available on the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud, you will want to visit this page.

Adding the Top Viewed Journalists Widget in New Dashboards:

  1. Click on the Analytics tab.
  2. Select Dashboards from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on New Dashboard to create a new dashboard or Select the dashboard that you would like to add the widget to.

4. Click on the + Add Widget button in the upper-right hand corner.

5. Select the Top Viewed Journalists Widget.

6. Select the Impact Search you would like to include:

  • You may select only Impact Searches for this widget, so non-Impact searches will be greyed out.

7. Click on Add Widget, which will showcase your data in the widget at the bottom of the dashboard.

If you have Cision Connect (the Contacts tab), you can do the following with this widget, in addition to other traditional widget features found here:

A. View the top five journalists ranked by Verified Views.

C. View the full Connect Profile by clicking on a journalist's name.

B. See all email addresses for contacts directly in the widget. (Full email addresses will be displayed)

D. Add journalists included here to a list right from the widget.

NOTE: If you DO NOT have Cision Connect (the Contacts tab), you will see the Top Five Journalists that are part of the Connect Influencers database, however, you are unable to see Journalist email addresses, click on Contact names to view their profiles, or add them to lists from the widget. You are still able to utilize traditional widget features found here.