Step 3: Whitelisting IP Addresses in the Platform

If you often send emails, Newsletters, or Digests from the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud internally – to yourself or colleagues – and want to ensure deliverability, it is advised that your organization utilize the strategies below. If you have an internal IT team, they can help you complete this on your end. 

If you're also finding that a large number of people on the same private domain are reporting your messages go to spam, we recommend also asking your subscribers to partner with their IT department to whitelist Cision at the server level. 

Whitelisting Cision gives the green light to messages sent from Cision and instructs the incoming mail server to route them to the inbox. Whitelisting does not guarantee inbox delivery (that is something no email provider can guarantee), but it goes a long way toward preventing the recipient's incoming mail server from sending your email, Newsletter, or Digest to spam.   

In order for Cision to successfully spoof the from address of emails with a customer’s domain and increase the chance of inbox deliverability, your organization should append the below SPF record to your existing record: 

Whitelisting IP Addresses

If you are accessing your media lists by navigating to the Connect tab and you choose to whitelist emails, Newsletters, and Digests sent from the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud, you can whitelist the IP addresses below. At current, that list is: 


If you are accessing your media lists by navigating to the Influencers tab and you choose to whitelist emails sent from the Cision Communications Cloud, you can whitelist the IP addresses below. At current, that list is: 


The Cision Comms. Cloud also has a backup email delivery system with a separate range of IP addresses. You may choose to whitelist these IPs, as well. The IP range for this system is 

If you are still having issues receiving emails from the Next Gen Cision Communications Cloud, you may want to update your personal email settings-  

  • Check your spam folders! 

  • Whitelist our email addresses and