How to Add and Tag Coverage Manually

For coverage that is related to your Tagging efforts for Newsletters, Searches, or Dashboards  that does not mention your monitoring terms and has not come into the system automatically,  you can easily add the coverage and Tag simultaneously! 

To manually Add and Tag coverage:

1. Click the Coverage tab on the toolbar and select the Tags option.

2. To find the Tag to which you want to add coverage:

  • Select All Tags to see all tags you have created and Tags your colleagues have created and shared
  • Select My Tags to see the tags you have created
  • Select Shared with Me for tags your colleagues have created and shared with you

3. After the tag list type has been selected, you can Page Through the tag list to see all tags in that list.

4. You can also Search for a specific tag by name after clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon.

5. You can Sort the list of tags in Ascending or Descending order by the Last Modified Date, Name of the Tag alphabetically, Number of Articles that have been tagged with a specific tag or by the Owner of each tag.

6. Click the Ellipses button located on the right side of the Tag's row.

7. Select the Add Articles option.

8. Use the box provided to paste in URLs for the content you want to add to the system and Tag. You can paste in up to 25 URLs for online articles. Notice that only URLs to supported article content can be added.  If you get a "Failed" message, this is likely due to the link directing to content that Cision does not support (such as PDFs, Facebook links, YouTube links, video sites, generally non-news sites like forums, etc.).

9. Click the Tag articles button.

10. This process will add the articles to the system, Tagging them as they are added. Click on the Done button to complete the process.