Google Analytics 4 Connection Instructions

How to Grant Cision Google Analytics 4 API Access

Please note with the new Google Analytics 4 update, make sure you upgrade your Google Analytics account first prior to connecting your Google Analytics account to Cision.

You are able to provide Cision access to your Google Analytics 4 account! This process allows you to begin viewing your engagement and analytics right within your Cision dashboards and reports. Follow the steps below to get started with your integration.

If you are using Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics),  click HERE to view those integration instructions.

First Steps: Capture the New User Email Address to Add to Google Analytics:

In the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud:

1. Click on the Person Icon in the upper-right corner and select the Settings option.

2. In the Settings window, select the Integrations tab.

3. In the Google Analytics section, click on the Add More button.

Note: If you have already integrated a Google Analytics account, you will see that information in this window as well.

4. Copy the email address in the Google Analytics window, in order to add it as a new View-Only user in your Google Analytics Account. 

Note: If you are not receiving updated data in Google Analytics, check to see if this email changed and if it has, add it as a new user.

In your Google Analytics Account:

5. Click on the Admin button in the bottom left-hand corner.

6. From the Account dropdown, select the account for which you would like to add a new user.

7. Click on the Account Access Management tab.

8. Click on the blue plus-sign icon in the upper-right of the Account Access Management window, then select the Add users option.

9. Paste the email address that you copied from the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud in Step 4.

10. Uncheck the box for Notify new users by email.

11. Ensure that the Viewer option is selected.

12. Click on the Add button.

You've now added a new user as the first step to apply API access! Follow the remaining steps below to complete the process. 

Final Steps: Add the Account ID, Property ID, and Stream ID from Google Analytics:

In your Google Analytics Account:

1. From the Admin tab, select the Account Settings option from the menu.

3. Click the back arrow to return to the Admin View.

4. Select the Property Settings option from the Admin menu. 

6. Select the Data Streams option from the Admin menu.

7. You may copy your Data Streams ID listed here in the list view or if you click into the title of your Data Stream, you can copy the Stream ID within the Stream details.

In the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud:

8. Click on the Set Up Manually link.

9. Enter the Google Analytics Account ID, Property ID and Stream ID that you previously copied in the steps above.

10. Click on the Connect button.

You're all set!

Now that it’s all set up, you’ll be able to view your data within the next 24 hours in Cision. You will see additional columns when you’re looking at any list of articles. In your dashboard, make sure to add the new widgets you now have access to, including: “Total Coverage vs. Total Web Traffic” and “PR Referral Web Traffic vs. Non-PR Web Traffic”. Click here to learn more about these widgets for your dashboards.