Admin Rights, Admin Functions & User Roles

Admin Functions

  • There is no maximum number of Admin users your account can possess, however there should be at least one so that account management can be performed.

User Roles

  • Admins can perform the following functions:
    • adding user
    • deleting users
    • resetting a user's password
    • switching a user between a "User" or "Admin" role
    • normal platform functions
  • Users
    • normal platform functions 
      • the number of users that have access to your account is determined by the number of seats purchased with your package. 

Gaining Customer Admin Rights

  1. Start by logging into NGC3 at 
  2. If you can see the "Users" tab, you already have Admin access
    • No additional work is needed on your part. 
  3. If you can't see the Users tab, you will need to request Admin access
    • Reach out to Customer Service asking them to create a support ticket requesting permission to the User Management screen. 
      • Once Admin access has been granted, the "User" option will be visible