Filter Cision Social Listening Saved Search Results

Filter settings allow you to refine the search results for Saved Searches. 

To access Filters, click on the filter icon on the left side of the Search results screen.

Mentions data can be broken down by the following filters:

  • Keyword
    • Use the Keyword filter to layer additional keywords on top of the current search query. These searches function as an AND statement. 
    • For example, if the current search is looking for "Nike", and you want to find out specifically about Nike pants, you would type in “pants” to the keyword box, which would result in all mentions that have the word “Nike” AND “pants”. 

  • Platform
    • Use the Platform filter to view mentions from specific social media platforms.

  • Sentiment
    • Use the Sentiment filter to view mentions that have Positive, Negative or Neutral Sentiment.

  • Emotion
    • Use the Emotion filter to view mentions that have been assigned a specific Emotion by the platform or those you have added an Emotion to, such as:
      • Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, Sadness, Surprise

  • Male vs. Female
    • Use the Male vs. Female filter to refine the search to content written by a Male, Female or Unknown, which is based upon how the journalist identifies on their social media account(s).
    • NOTE: Select both Male and Female to display data for Unknown.

  • Owned Content
    • Use the Owned Content filter to include or exclude mentions from specific usernames or URLs.
      • Owned Username examples: @pepsi, @pepsiUSA 
      • Owned Website examples: , 

  • Tags
    • Use the the Tags filter to include or exclude mentions that you have previously tagged.

  • Language
    • Use the Language filter include or exclude mentions written in a specific language.

  • Location
    • Use the Location filter to include or exclude mentions coming from a specific geographic area.

  • Twitter Account Type
    • Use the Twitter Account Type filter to select the following:
      • Verified or Unverified Twitter Accounts
      • Owner or Audience User Roles
      • Minimum and Maximum of Followers of a Twitter Account

  • Mention Type
    • Use the Mention Type filter to select the following:
      • Original Post
      • Comment/Reply
      • Share/Retweet

NOTE: Filters “persist” to the previous state so that when you open a saved search, the filters you’ve previously applied will be included.  

Additionally, mentions data can be sorted by date ranges using the calendar function in the upper-right corner of the search results page.

When you setup a new query and save it, data is backfilled by 12 months from the date you first create the query, then continue on an ongoing basis to include 12 months of data from the current date. For example, if you set up a query on Jan. 1, 2021, data would backfill to Jan. 1, 2020. On Jan. 2, 2021, you’d be able to look back to Jan. 2, 2020.