Expiring Users to Upgrade to Connect

Expiring users prior to our team moving your data is an important step to ensure a successful upgrade.  You are moving to a named user model which is different from the concurrent user model you are used to. Due to this, be sure to confirm the number of users you will have in the new platform with your Account Manager so you move over the correct amount.

To remove an existing user’s access to the system, you must have administrator privileges to see the Settings area.  If you need a change in privileges to gain access to the Settings area, contact customercare@cision.com.

Please Note: You will need to assign the user an Expiration Date that has occurred in the past. This will terminate a user’s access to the system immediately.

To access a User’s Profile and Expire their current account:

1. Click on the person icon in the upper-right of the platform, then click Settings.

2. From the Settings Menu on the left-hand side, select User Management.

3. From the User Management List, double-click on the Display Name of the User you wish to Expire to open their User Profile.  You will notice that users are organized by alphabetical order within their permissions role.

4. In the User Profile, scroll down to the Expiration Date field and set the date to yesterday's date, then click on Save in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. 

The user will be expired immediately and will not be moved to the new system.