Email integration for Personalized Pitches FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Email Integration Feature in NGC3 



Q: What email platforms can I integrate with the platform? 

A: Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365. 

Q: What email service is used to send personalized pitch emails from Cision?  

A: When you send a personalized pitch email via Cision, you are sending using your own email address through your usual email server. This means that sending an email inCision is just like sending an email from your own email client. The emails you send via Cision will be tracked within the platform in the Message Center, and will also include read receipts, contact’s replies and the ability to reply directly to them within the platform. 

Q: Will all my emails show up in Cision after I integrate my account?    

A: One of the key features of Cision's email integration is to provide a complete history of influencer communications. When you integrate your email account, we pull in your previous conversation with journalists so that you'll instantly have all the information you need to make high quality, personalized pitches. We show email history on author profile pages as well as in the Message Center.  You will not see any emails that are NOT related to contacts in our database, however, you should create an Email Integration Blocklist BEFORE integration to ensure emails from certain email addresses are not pulled into the system. 

Q: When will Cision pull in new email messages? 

A: We will continue to automatically load messages to/from influencers since your email account is integrated with Cision. 

Q: Is it possible to integrate multiple email accounts with Cision? 

A: Yes, it is possible to integrate multiple email accounts into CisionEach user who would like to send from their specific email address must integrate that email account in their own user account in Cision. This flow is designed to ensure that only those w/credentials for an email account can send email from said account. To select an account for sending a personalized pitch, there is a dropdown at the top of the personalized pitch composition window that allows you to select which email address to send communications from. 

Q: I am getting the following: “ERROR: The Exchange server encountered an error and further action is required. Error: Exchange error 129: The user is configured to allow only some devices to sync. This device is not the allowed device. Please ensure that the ActiveSync device is not blocked for this user. “ 

A: Any 129-type error means that your IT team needs to allow ActiveSync in order to integrate your email account. Alternatively, if you have access to open IMAP/SMTP ports, you can use those to integrate instead of ActiveSync . 

Q: Does Cision support integrations through Federated Identity Providers such as Okta? 

A: We do support Exchange/Outlook environments that use Okta, so long as your IT team can create an app-specific password (see below) for the email address(es) to be integrated.   



Q: Can all users in my account see my emails?   

A: In order to make sure the rest of your team can draw from previous email interactions with influencers, we allow any users in a Cision account to view any messages that are pulled into the app. In other words, your coworkers will be able to have the same level of context surrounding any given influencer that you do when they look them up in Cision Connect. 

Q: I see emails in Cision that are not connected to any influencer. Why is this happening? 

A: This means that at least one of the recipients’ email addresses in the email thread(s) in question is connected to an influencer in our database. Our system matches emails in the TO/FROM/CC/BCC fields with email addresses of journalists/influencers in our media database. This means if a journalist/influencer’s email address shows up in any of those fields in any emails, those messages will show up in Cision.   

If you are seeing email(s) that you believe should not be in Cision, make sure to search for all people listed on the email(s) to ensure that they are not in the influencer database. If you do identify a person who should not be in the Cision influencer database, reach out to and request their removal.   

Q: Why does Cision request permissions to read my emails and send emails on my behalf?   

A: We need to be able to scan your emails in order to pull in previous contact history between journalists and Cision users. We also need to be able to send emails on your behalf in order to allow for complete ease and integration.   

Q: What precautions does Cision take to ensure complete account security?   

  • All email on Cision is encrypted and segregated from all other Cision application data.   

  • All email data is stored in the United States.   

  • We redact sensitive data from monitoring systems on pages related to email communications.   

  • We limit Cision employees' access to client email data inside yourCision account.   

  • Cision employees' ability to view client email data and send emails on behalf of the client is disabled by default.   

  • We do not write email data or email authorization tokens to log files.   

  • All server administration activities are logged. 



Q: Where does Cision store emails that are sent from integrated accounts?  

A: Cision stores copies of sent and received messages in an encrypted internal data store. The original email messages are stored on your own corporate email service’s servers in the same way that they would be stored if they were sent and/or received from a standard email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail).  

Q: Which emails will Cision store?    

A: Cision will only store emails between clients and contacts from Cision Connect. Our system matches journalist emails in the TO/FROM/CC/BCC fields, which means if a journalist's email address shows up in any of those fields in any of your emails, those messages will show up in Cision.  We will NOT store any emails that are not related to contacts in our database. 

Q: Are there any limitations to the number of emails that can be stored in Cision?   

A: There is currently no limit to the number of emails that can be stored in Cision.