Email Announcements: Finding Recipients Who Did Not Open Email or Click Links

Imagine this: You recently sent out a pitch via the Email Announcements feature.  It has been about a week later that a few key journalists you felt would really connect with this story have not responded your email. You wait the recommended amount of time, as the Cision Blog recommends,  and want to review whether they've opened your email or clicked on the links you included in your initial email.  With this feature you can filter to see which recipients did not open the email and/or did not click on any links to begin building your follow-up list. You can personalize an email for these journalists, that would be different than the one you'd send to recipients who opened the email and/or clicked on links

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To view the Recipients who have Not Opened Your Email And/or Did Not Click on Links:

1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.

 2. Select Message Center.  

3. Select the email you would like to see individual clicks for.

4. Select the Performance Snapshot tab when the email opens.
5. Select the Not Clicked filter to see just the recipients who did not click on links included in your email.
6. Select the Not Opened filter to see just the recipients who did not click on links included in your email.

To Add Recipients of an Email Announcement to a New or Existing Contact List:

1. Select All recipients or select individual recipients to add to your list. Note: You can filter the list prior to selecting recipients.

2. Click on the Add to List button in the recipients filter bar.
In the side tray, select one of these two options:
3. Click on the Create New List button to add recipients to a new contact list.
4.  Add recipients to Existing List(s), by clicking the Plus Sign button.

5. After selecting the list, click on the Add to List button.