Email Announcements: Adding Recipients to Contact Lists

Follow up is a key strategy in pitching, and journalists are inundated with emails throughout the day. While each has their own organizational strategy, things can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.  

Let's say that you sent out a pitch to a select group of journalists and noticed that a few journalists had shown great interest in your content by not only opening it, but also clicking on links included in the Email Announcement you sent. Learn more about how to view links clicked by Email Announcement recipients here.

With this feature you can easily create a new list of these people to send a follow up email. Since you may follow up with a journalist that has a lot of engagement with your pitch differently than one who hasn't opened it, the ability to create a variety of lists from this area is key, and allows for easy contact list creation for follow up!

To view Email Announcement Reports: 

  1. Start by navigating to the Contacts tab.
  2.  Select Message Center
  3. Click on the Email Announcement in the list for which you want to see the report.  

After clicking on the email, you will see 2 tabs:  

  • Email Preview will give you just that: a preview of the email that was sent.  
  • Performance Snapshot provides valuable insights of media interaction for the Email Announcement that was sent.  The Performance Snapshot is discussed in more detail here. Follow the instructions below to add recipients to new or existing contact lists.

To Add Recipients of an Email Announcement to a New or Existing Contact List:

1. Select All recipients or select individual recipients to add to your list. Note: You can filter the list prior to selecting recipients.

2. Click on the Add to List button in the recipients filter bar.
In the side tray, select one of these two options:
3. Click on the Create New List button to add recipients to a new contact list.
4.  Add recipients to Existing List(s), by clicking the Plus Sign button.

5. After selecting the list, click on the Add to List button.