Searching for Editorial Calendars with Connect

Editorial Calendars provide proactive pitching opportunities for PR and Comms professionals. 

Many media outlets publish an advance list of upcoming issues of their publication along with the stories/topics they’re likely to be covering in those issues. These are often called often called Editorial Calendars or Forward Features. They are primarily used to attract advertising, but can provide PR professionals the opportunity to submit relevant content in hopes of getting published as part of the upcoming piece. 

To search through our catalogue of Editorial Calendars:

  • Navigate to the Contacts tab and select Editorial Calendars.
  • On the left hand side of the screen, click on the plus sign (+) to enter in any relevant keywords.
  • The results will be automatically sorted by copy deadline.  Review the opportunity results to determine if there is a good fit for your outreach.

If you find a good fit:

  • Click into the name of the outlet to find contact information.  You can reach out to the contact information for the outlet or find a relevant journalist at the outlet by clicking into the Full Profile and viewing the Contacts tab.

Searching for Editorial Calendars