Edit the Cision Social Listening Word Cloud Widget

Editing the Word Cloud

The Word Cloud component allows you to visualize the most used words from the search. 

  • In Quick Search mode, volume of word use is indicated by the size of the word (i.e. the larger the size the higher the volume of use). 
  • Saved Searches allow you to configure how the data is displayed in the Word Cloud. 

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Word Cloud widget to display a selection panel on the far right. 

Settings include types of words that can be shown, word size unit of measurement, categorization of data by color, and a sliding scale to set the size of the word cloud.  

Show provides drop down options for the types of words included in the Word Cloudemojis, hashtags, locations, organizations, people, keywords, and phrases. Selected word types are color coded in the Word Cloud and a legend is included. 

Word Size determines the unit of measurement for how the words are displayed. Selecting volume will display words based on frequency of use (i.e. bigger words mean higher volume of usage and smaller words indicate a lower volume of usage). Selecting trending will display words based on recency and frequency of use (i.e. bigger words represent those that are starting to trend*). 

*Trend is calculated by dividing the selected date range into two equal parts and comparing the increase in volume of that topic across the two halves. For example, if there were 50 mentions of a topic in the first half and 75 in the second, that's an increase of 50% and therefore the topic would have a trend value of 50, appearing larger than those with say a value of 40. 

Color provides drop down options to display words based on data break downs: gender, sentiment, volume, trending, random, or none.  

  • Gender colors words by the authors gender: male, female, or unknown. 
  • Sentiment colors words by sentiment: positive, neutral, or negative sentiment. 
  • Volume colors words by total volume (useful when Word Size = Trending). A legend shows corresponding volume by color. 
  • Trending colors words that are trending (useful when Word Size = Volume). A legend shows corresponding trend value by color. 
  • Random assigns random colors to words in the cloud.
  • None colors all words in black.

Cloud Size can be adjusted using the slider. A bigger cloud size provides more detail and means more words are included in the Word Cloud. 

A smaller cloud size provides less detail and less words are included.