Editing PRWeb Releases

Editing a PRWeb Release

You can make unlimited edits up until the scheduled distribution time. Once the release is distributed, you may make unlimited edits and resubmit the release within 30 days of the release’s original publish date through the Next Generation Cision Communications Cloud system. After the 30-day post-distribution period has passed, you will not be able to make edits from the platform. At that point, you must contact the PRWeb Editorial team to make edits to them. They can be reached via email editorial@prweb.com or Chat Support.

Finding Your PRWeb Release and Editing

To find your PRWeb Release on the My Activities page for the purpose of editing,

1. One of several options for finding the email that you want to un-schedule is to use the keyword search. 

  • To use the keyword search, enter a word or phrase enclosed in quotations, or a combination of words and phrases connected using simple Boolean terms. Boolean terms accepted by this field are OR, AND, and AND NOT all of which must be capitalized when used. *NOTE: The keyword search looks through the Title and Notes fields of PRWeb releases.

2. Another option for finding a particular release is to use the Title column in the center of the My Activities page to find the email.

3. If you have trouble locating the distribution, you can also use the Filters on the left side panel to sort Activities by Type and Status.

4. Click on the upside-down triangle by the title of the release.

5. Select Edit Release.

You will see an option appear once you click on that button that will allow you to edit that release. For any releases that have already been sent, three additional options will appear: View Report, View Details, and View My Release.