Editing a Monitoring Search

To Review/Edit/Duplicate the Search Parameters for an Existing Search

To Review your Saved Searches:

Select the Coverage tab and click on the Saved Searches option.

  1. Click on the Elipses button for the search you would like to review, edit or duplicate.
  2. Select View Search or Duplicate Search.

To Edit a Saved Search:

  1. Edit the name for your search.
  2. Edit the boolean syntax for your search. Click here for Tips to Build an Effective Search
  3. Add additional filters for Language and/or Location. Note: If you include language or locations filters as part of your boolean syntax for the search, you will see an error message.
  4. Click on the Update Results button. 
  5. Click the Save Search button if you are happy with the coverage in the Results section.
    • You will see the option to share your search become available. Best Practice: We recommend sharing your searches when creating them, especially if you plan to use them in Dashboards that you will share with your team. This workflow will help avoid creating a duplicate search. Click here to learn more about sharing searches!

5. If you include a tag in your search that doesn't exist or hasn't been shared with you, you will receive an error message. 

To access the tag that isn't shared, follow these instructions to review the tag and reach out to the colleague who created the tag to share it with you.

To create a new tag to include in your search:

1. Delete the old tag from your boolean search. (if applicable)

2. Click on the Update Results button. (if you removed an old tag from your search)

3. Hover over an article in the results.

4. Click on the tag icon and create a new tag. 

5. Enter in the boolean syntax for your new tag. For example tag:"bananas"

6. Click the Update Results button.

7. If you are happy with your results, click on the Save Search button.