Download PDF Reports with Social Listening

Actions can be taken with Saved Searches in the form of Reports. You may download a pdf report of your dashboard or set up email alerts for your reports. NOTE: You can now download a PDF report of your dashboard that includes more than one search!

Downloading PDF Reports:

1. Click on the Social Listening Tab.

2. Select Saved Searches to see all of the searches saved by your organization.

3. Select the Saved Search(es) for which you would like to export the dashboard as a PDF.

4. Click on the Build Report button and select the Export dashboard as PDF option.
5. A pop up will give you the option to include a summary of the report and select the widgets you would like to include. Once selected, click on the Apply button.
6. After selecting the widgets you wish to include, scroll down to each widget to add analysis or notes you would also like included in the PDF export of your report.

Note: The explanation or analysis you add in each widget's notes section will be included underneath each widget in the PDF export.

7. After clicking on the Save button, the platform will inform you that your PDF is being generated.
8. Once generated, you can open the downloaded report.

Downloading Individual Widgets:

You can also export each individual widget as either a JPG,  PNG, or download the raw data as a CSV by selecting the download icon on the widget.

Click on the Download icon in the upper-right hand corner of the widget you would like to export. Select whether you want to export an individual widget image as a JPG or PNG, or download the data into a CSV.