Deleting Private Contacts from Connect

Deleting Private Contacts

As easily as you can create a private contact, you can also delete them. This ability is particularly useful if you are integrating your email inbox in Connect. Since the email integration considers any public or private contacts to be influencers, it will automatically pull in all emails related to a given private contact. 

In the case that you've added yourself as a private contact and then use the same email address for integration, all of your teammates will be able to see all emails in your personal inbox.  If you delete your information from the private contact list before integration, this issue can be avoided.  

In the case that your account uses private contacts to send email announcements to colleagues, the email integration will also import all correspondence between the linked inbox and the colleagues that are added as private contacts. To solve this problem, you can add their email addresses to the email blocklist.

To easily delete a private contact, navigate to the private contacts page, find the contact that needs to be removed and click on the ellipses button on the far right of their contact result card. At the bottom of the menu is “Delete Private Contact”. This action will remove the private contact from the Private Contacts page as well as from any lists of which they were a member. 

To Delete a Private Contact:

1. Navigate to the Contacts tab.

2. Select Lists.
3. On the left hand side of the screen, select Private Contacts. This will contain a list of all Private Contacts that have been added to your account.

4. Using the dropdown on the upper-right, this can be changed to also sort results in ascending or descending order by: 

  • Relevance: Auto-sort of results based upon your search parameters and filters applied.
  • Name: Sort contacts and outlets alphabetically by full name. This option will sort contacts by first name full name for outlets.
  • Article Reach: The expected or actual readership for media outlets/average readership of journalist's articles in last 180 days
  • Social Reach: The sum of a journalists subscribers and followers across Twitter and Twitch
  • Engagement Score: A 1-10 score reflecting engagement on the influencer's article and social content
  • Weekly Activity: The average number of articles and tweets the influencer publishes per week

5.  You can also Search for a specific Private Contact you wish to remove.

6. Click on the Ellipses button for the contact you wish to remove.

7. Select Delete Private Contact.