How To Remove an Integrated or Verified Email Address and All Related Email Data

Remove an Integrated/Verified Email Address and Email Data

When you integrate your professional email account, we scan your account for email communications with influencers in our media database. So, any emails that include a recipient’s email address matching that of an influencer in our database (TO/FROM/CC/BCC) are pulled into the platform. We will continue to pull in email data for as long as you have your account connected to the platform. Admins are able to see their own integrated/verified email accounts and those from their team, with the added ability to disconnect team email accounts as well as their own.

To Remove an Integrated Email Account, Delete All Emails Related to that Integrated Email Account and/or Disconnect a Verified Account:

1. Start by navigating to your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click the downward arrow.

2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

3. Once there, select the Email tab.

4. Click on the Actions dropdown for the Verified or Integrated email you would like to remove and select Disconnect Account.

Note: If you are an Admin, you will see your own verified/integrated account under "Your Accounts" and those of your team in the "Team Accounts" section. You can remove your own email or those of your team.

If removing your own Verified Email: Review the statement in the pop-up window, then click on the Continue button to immediately process the deletion.
If Removing a Team Member's Verified Email: Review the statement in the pop-up window, then click on the Continue button to immediately process the deletion of their account.

5. If removing your Own or a Team Member's Integrated Email: Review the statement in the pop-up window, click on the Yes, Continue button, then complete the process by selecting one of the options below.

You will be met with two options:

Make your selection, then click on the Confirm and Continue button.


What happens if an email address has been integrated to multiple accounts? 

When an email address is added to multiple accounts, email messages ingested into the system from these shared integrations are tagged with both accounts. When these messages are deleted from one account, the tags for that account are removed, preserving the data in the other account. When the last tagged account deletes that message, it is deleted permanently like all other message deletions. 

What if I accidentally deleted a message that I meant to preserve? 

You will need to reintegrate email account. This will allow the message to be ingested into the account again. You can then follow the steps to remove the email integration, and select the "Only disconnect my email integration option..." in the final step.