New Data Management Workflow in Cision Social Listening Overview

New Data Management Workflow in Cision Social Listening Overview

Cision is expanding source access in Cision Social Listening (CSL), the world’s largest database of online conversations, to help communications professionals holistically understand your brand reputation in the social space. Through the addition of non-owned business and creator tracking on Instagram, one of most popular social media platforms, Cision is making it easier for you to manage and report on your social media outcomes all in one place.  

Cision’s expanded social content provider partnerships enhances the comprehensive collection of social data sources we offer to help you manage your brand reputation and easily track your social campaign performance.

The ‘Authentication tokens’ and ‘Data sources’ sections within CSL settings is combined into one new ‘Data Management’ section, which streamlines your access to all of the information about your synced social media accounts, non-owned social accounts, affiliated hashtags and topics you are tracking in one place.

This workflow includes fewer steps for you to start tracking social media data across two of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. 

Tracking Non-Owned Instagram Data Sources 

You can now track data from non-owned Instagram accounts to gain a much more comprehensive view of conversations happening across the social media landscape.  

After setting up tracking for a non-owned Instagram page in the settings, you can view public creator and business account feeds that include posts and captions. (Comment monitoring is not included for non-owned Instagram account coverage at this time).

Through this new update, you can also access the Meta API to track engagement on non-owned Instagram profiles or pages in Cision Social Listening in both Quick Search and Saved Search Dashboards, Mention Panels, and Reports.

Additionally, you can upload non-owned Facebook and Instagram pages in bulk, giving you the ability to easily expand the social sources you are monitoring within the platform and offers an even more enhanced look at your social conversations.

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